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Test some new stuff


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SAS Suppressors was kind enough to build us a couple dedicated suppressors, designed specifically for the CR-7 .338 Lapua Magnum. 

Only 8” long and 10oz. This little badass is short, lightweight and hearing safe.... oh, and due to the proprietary design of the QD Mount, there’s no shift in the zero with/without the can.

We had 7 or 8 rounds at 100 yards, holding about a 0.18” group. One fat little jagged hole. 


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1 minute ago, Robocop1051 said:

My headspace is still a little fuckered up. Before I got involved, my partner has a habit of sending the bolt home with the headspace gauge in the chamber. I think the chamber is a little mashed, and has me about .005 out of spec. 

Ps. New barrels and bolts incoming. 

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On 8/16/2018 at 11:20 AM, JohnnyBfromAZ said:

.180" 8 round group? That sounds a little optimistic...

The single hole in the target measured about 0.52", from widest edge to edge, in diameter... unless there's a possibility that a .338 made a .52 caliber hole, and the rest of my rounds missed the 12" target completely, using a 25x scope at only 100 yards. 

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2 hours ago, JohnnyBfromAZ said:

Well, that sounds like a benchrest sized group. I'd like to see that

You might see it, and you might shoot it.  It'll probably be here for the Fall Shoot, again this year... 

To directly quote you:

Haha we can keep talking poop or we can get together and go smack some steel sometime.

That will be October 18-21, in the desert, just south of you. :thumbup:

Edited by 98Z5V
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2 hours ago, 98Z5V said:

That will be October 18-21, in the desert, just south of you.

It is a great time.  I drove over 1100 miles each way last fall and will do it again this time.  There were several others who have driven farther multiple times. 

That gun is a great shooter!:fullauto:

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