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Concealed Carry

Alan Waters

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If I'm carrying a .45 1911, it's in a Galco leather holster at3/4 o'clock w/ leather double mag holder 8/9 o'clock.  Or my s&w m&p 2.0 full size 9mm same positions, but using alien gear Set up. I don't do appendix carry, I like my Frank's and beans where God originally put them!!?

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carry what ever the job entails. mostly hip 4oclock but use the ankle or bolth.  mags are in the cargo pocket. carried on a job with coworkers for two years before i spilled the beans.. they never knew but they appreciated,  that i did for there protection. hammer and nail guns open carry! 

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Depends on the expected environment.  IWB Appendix for the XDs45 3.3 in a We The People kydex holster, 4" 1911 in a Mernickle Holsters PS6 Hi-Ride holster, XD45 LEO gun (Full size XD with a thumb safety) in the Mernickle Holsters PS6 Hi-Ride, Glock in an Uncle Mikes Tactical OWB holster...   Just received a new We The People IWB kydex holster today, for the Glock 19 series. 

Where I'm going and what I expect to see/encounter determines the gun that goes with me.  The clothes I'm wearing determine how I need to dress to hide the gun that goes with me that day.  It's all a variance that needs to be dealt with daily, or by activity.  There's no "one perfect gun" for every occasion, and there's lots to consider for carrying that specific gun, that day, to/for that activity... :thumbup: 

P.S.  There's always a rifle nearby, no matter where I am. I carry enough pistol ammo to get to the rifle.

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For 25 years I carried a 45 ACP at first it was a Sig p220 then for the last 10 a 1911 Wilson combat holster and mags, now i carry a sig P320 /M17 with thumb safety pretty much feels like a 1911 but lighter in the 3 oclock postion, when summer gets here I will drop the works into a compact frame, I use a IWB clinger kydex leather combo...again 2 mags wolf hunting I carry a FNH 45 tactical with a Trijicon RMR on the front of my Day pack when I am on the snowmobile...

P.S. the ONLY reason I switched to 9mm I can buy 1000 rds for 180 buck 45 over 400 I like to shoot to stay in practice.

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On 12/13/2018 at 7:57 PM, 98Z5V said:

P.S.  There's always a rifle nearby, no matter where I am. I carry enough pistol ammo to get to the rifle.

Most of the time I carry a Smith M&P shield in 40 S&W in an El Paso Saddlery holster just behind my strong side hip. I USED to keep an AR close at hand too but it's something like 280 miles away right now! ? @98Z5V:lmao:

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I carry an S & W model 637 38 revolver most of the time.  It's small, light, and easy to conceal.  Always goes bang too, no matter how much crap lint, dust and dirt get in it.  I've tried numerous auto pistols over the years (37 years in Law Enforcement) and they can be unreliable at times and inevitably the magazine will end up hanging out of them basically disabling the weapon. 

Yes, probably not what most folks want to hear, but I carry every single day all day long, in and out of vehicles, down on the floor or ground, crawling around in tight places, etc  to collect evidence (CSI work), and in a wide enough variety of scenarios where a larger/heavier auto loading pistol just doesn't make the grade.

I still like them, and use and prefer one of my Shield's if/when I'm working a case where a bit more firepower might be needed (chitty parts of town).  For those days I'll either carry my Shield 9mm or 45 and put the 637 in my pocket.......Cliff

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