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The danger of self enabling

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I am LAUGHING SO HARD RIGHT NOW...   <<<   My sides hurt.  That took 2 minutes to type, I'm laughing so hard...  :laffs::lmao::banana:



Well done, though, brother - you certainly didn't fuk about with making a whole gun out of a barrel sale...   :thumbup:😁

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It seems to be well made.  It's a little on the heavy side.  It was almost 5 pounds alone.  It will cycle factory rounds with ease so the chamber is smooth.  I read that some had burrs and required polishing.  The mags I bought at the gun show (no name that I can tell) are a bit tight and difficult to insert when loaded.  I'll have to order some better ones.

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  • 1 month later...

I shot it for the first time today. 

With a single round in the mag and it did not hold the bolt back.  It will hold manually with empty mag.  It will eject the empty round but not pick up the next round most of the time.  It did pick up the round a few times but would not fully chamber it.  

It could be a magazine issue.  I was using unbranded 450 Bushmaster mags from the gun show.  All did the same thing.  However, they will hand cycle through the whole magazine.  I will get some better ones ordered.

I do believe it is likely a gas issue.  It could also be the buffer.  I am using an H1 buffer.  I can't get my video to load where I am.

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On 4/19/2019 at 10:56 PM, sketch said:

I just sent that to my employees to friday night inspiration them to come back monday. lol!

I must be getting old because anything closely related to "Metal" makes me go duh and will hypnotize me thus rendering me useless.

Humm,maybe I always was useless and just never knew it.

Carry On


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2 hours ago, suzukiray said:

Ron, is the .450 the same as the .458 Socom in that you can use the .223 mags? I've NEVER had an issue with my .458 and all I use is .223 mags in it.

It is a standard AR15 lower.  You can change the follower on a standard mag and make it work.

I shot it a few more times today.  It actually cycled a few times.  It may need some more shooting.

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I think this may be my BIGGEST problem ...LMAO !

Yesterday I drew a gun on paper that looked cool as hell then I asked a couple of friends if I could build it and they said it was basically illegal. So I will file it next to the belt-fed Pistol drawing .

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On 4/19/2019 at 7:40 PM, Armed Eye Doc said:

At least I now have a rifle larger than a 35 caliber.  I think that is what @Boot_Scraper said was necessary to call yourself a man. :thumbup:

Just don’t get the niche of any 35cal bullet .

Even the cool red plastic tipped ones .

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