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Hearing Protection Accessories for the Shooters


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The wife and I each have a pair of old (like, 2014) Walker's Alpha electronic muffs, and those are good enough for us for most purposes. If I'm shooting at an actual range, around other shooters (especially indoors), I will run a pair of foam earplugs under the Alphas.

For the kids, we have kid-sized passive muffs (23 dB NRR). So far, the kids haven't joined us on the range yet (3 y/o and 6 m/o), but we wanted to have muffs for them when they/we are ready. They won't be shooting anything more than .22 LR for quite awhile, so those should be plenty for them. Eventually I plan to step the kids up to electronic muffs, as well.

As an aside, I'd like to get myself a pair of slim, behind-the-head, electronic muffs for hunting. Or maybe some sort of "Game Ear" type product...

Of course, the best hearing protection is a suppressor. But widespread and de-listed use is up to the legislators, in their infinite wisdom.

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Thanks to all for their beautiful suggestion. I see a tons of earplugs and visit a tons of websites on google. They all are really too good and I love them so much. Recently, a friends of mine suggest me to buy an earplugs from here https://www.bigearinc.com/products/best-ear-protection-for-shooting and I visit the website and the earplugs are good too. But I feel crazy now what to buy or what to not.

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I bought a pair of electronic walker muffs for $35 from sams club. I love them, and they are used for shooting, chainsawing (i do a lot of that since i heat my house with wood), and anything else i can think about that is loud. 

I love that it actually makes softer noises louder and yet canceles out the loud noises, so i can year when someone talks to me or game in the woods. 

And they are actually pretty slim. Plud being from wisconsin i have never had a problem wearing a hat with them. 

For anyone in a budget, i recommend them.

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3 hours ago, blue109 said:

I want some slim electronic ones. The price range seems to be all over the place. 

The ones in my picture are:

Walker's Razor Slim Electronic Muff,

Amazon shows several different colors and styles under the Walker's Razor Slim Electronic Muff item, and several different prices for different colors and logos, the ones I ordered are black with an American flag patch. These are the less expensive at $33.62 each, some are $39 depends upon which thumbnail you click on.


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Amazon does have an olive drab pair of these for $44.22, no flag. The ones with flag are patriot black for $33.62. Don't ask me why the same model of muffs have such a wide price range, I have no Idea unless it is supply and demand, after all Amazon is a capitalistic outfit. LOL:banana::laffs:

here is one of the reviews:

May 7, 2016

Color: Flat Dark EarthVerified Purchase
USMC Machine Gun instructor checking in. We conduct a machine gun shoot once a month, firing 5.56, 7.62, 50 cal, and 40mm grenades. We routinely shoot over 15,000 rounds per machine gun range. I have had these muffs for the last 6 ranges and they are fantastic! They work as advertised and protect my hearing from full auto machine gun fire from less than 3 ft away. The batteries last a while (I keep the volume about half-way, which makes normal conversation sound normal.) I wear them for about 8 hrs. at a time and they are as comfortable as a $60 pair of muffs should ever be. They do not interfere with cheek weld or any shooting position I have used. Walkers Game Ear Razor Slim Electronic Muff should serve any shooter well if they are looking for cheap, reliable, sound amplifying ear pro. My pair has been going strong for literally hundreds of thousands of rounds. These are a solid deal and I recommend them to anyone who inquires about them.

- Long battery life. Only requires two AAA batteries that are included and easy to change.
- Fantastic hearing protection. I work with several people who have more expensive, "tactical" ear-pro (Pelters, etc.) that can't suppress the .50 cal report. These Walkers muffle all gunshots regardless of how loud they are or how close I am to them.
- Conversations are distinct and easy to hear. I can hear radio traffic without having to remove ear pro. Big plus. I can even turn them up and hear conversations several hundred feet away! Great for big ranges.
- They even have a standard headphone jack if you want to talk on your phone or plug up your iPod and mow the lawn or something.

- The fit is good, but if you are talking or moving your jaw sometimes the seal will break and allow a gunshot sound to get through. This is minimal and could be due to the shape of my head and/or the position I wear them. If you sweat much this problem is compounded as the seal is now wet and easier to be disturbed. As I said this problem is minimal and not easily repeatable, doesn't detract from the rating for me.
-They are not omni directional. It is difficult to tell where sound is coming from. The sound is clear and amplified, just deceiving in which direction it came from. For my particular job this is no big deal. If you need to know what direction the sound came from, these are not the hearing pro for you.
-THEY DO FIT UNDER THE STANDARD ACH HELMET, but not well.( I wear a Medium) It is not designed to fit under this helmet (as far as I know) and the fact that they even do with minimal pad adjustment is really more of pro. If you don't wear a helmet when shooting, disregard, they fit great.
-Thick eye pro frames will disrupt the ear seal if placed over the frame. If you put them on over your eye pro because you forgot to remove them, the pressure feels like Leonidas trying to drive his spear through your head. You will only do this once. I have some thin frames now but I just rest the frames on top of the ear muff. If I had to do rigorous movement, they might fall off, but they haven't yet.
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I don't use earplugs, the damn things drive me nuts and I can't put up with them for long. My ear doc said I have very small ear canals and that's probably why I can't tolerate them.

I've been using electronic muffs for years, I shoot a lot of action pistol competition. I've had two sets of Pro Ears (still using the second set) and I wouldn't recommend them to anyone. They are overpriced and my experience with their customer service sucked! When this pair bites the dust (they are already acting up) I'll go to the lower priced muffs. I've used the Walkers and the Howard Leights and they are both pretty good. I have several pairs of Winchester electronic muffs that work pretty good but they aren't slimline by any stretch of the imagination! The grandkids like them though because they can still hear and they are less prone to take them off while we are shooting.

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9 hours ago, 392heminut said:

 I've had two sets of Pro Ears (still using the second set) and I wouldn't recommend them to anyone. They are overpriced and my experience with their customer service sucked! When this pair bites the dust (they are already acting up) I'll go to the lower priced muffs.

I remember when your first set took a shiit...   You were not a happy camper...   :bat:

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13 hours ago, 98Z5V said:

I remember when your first set took a shiit...   You were not a happy camper...   :bat:

It wasn't so much that they took a shiit, it was the customer service afterwards. When I sent them back one side was still working fine. They contacted me and told me both sides were out and would have to be replaced! I blew up on them and told them there was nothing wrong with one side when I sent them. I told them to box them up and send them back. They then put a 'supervisor' on the line and he offered me a discount on a lower level set than what I had. I took the discount and went with the lower level set. I've had issues with the electronics cutting in and out with them the whole time I've had them! Their product sucks and is WAY overpriced and their customer service sucks even more! I would not recommend them to anyone!

Well, wait, there is one guy I would! He is an obnoxious little bastard that thinks he's an authority on whatever we talk about at our pistol matches. He's also an attorney! Yup, he should definitely get himself a set of Pro Ears!:laffs:

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I've had tinnitus in my right ear since I was a kid due to ear infections. I have always used ear protection because of that and up until a couple of years ago my left ear was just fine. That's when I started to get tinnitus in that ear and now my left ear is as bad as the right one. I guess it's age related, I'm a fanatic about hearing protection and I haven't had any medical issues. It seriously sucks that I have it in both ears now!

ALWAYS use hearing protection when shooting. Once you get tinnitus it never goes away!

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