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Hello from Marylandstan


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Hello all - Stumbled across the site while internet dreaming about 80% lowers. What could be cooler than building your own firearm that you get to spec out? Well thank God I found you guys because what I've learned in a very short time is that you just don't throw a .308 together and expect greatness. Thank you all. I'm a Colt AR .556 owner after being chided by my wife to jump in. Now I really like the platform. I love to tinker and do some minor smithing on my own stuff (triggers, springs, etc.) and I found myself ready to to the 80% route.

To that end I've purchased the Easy Jig Gen 2 (haven't received yet), 2 DPMS style billet lowers, a few AR15 forged lowers, and a CMMG AR-10 lower parts kit. Hopefully they will become custom XMAS presents for my boys and grandkids.

My plan is to build a LR308 with a rifle stock and up to a 18"-20" barrel upper with forward assist. I like carry handles and BUIS sights, but not exclusively. So I will be bothering you guys with buffer tube, stock, sights, and gas block questions. My goal is to have a tamed (as much as that can be) LR308 that's capable of 1 MOA at 100 yds even if I'm not (well sometimes maybe). I think I want an extended mag release, at least the sales folks suggest this.

So let the games begin!!! You can hit me with your favorite combos and any advice whatsoever. I can do this piecemeal or do a complete upper if that seems sensible. 

I appreciate the wealth of knowledge that you've shared to date and hope I get to add some over time.


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8 hours ago, PaddyMac said:

 So I will be bothering you guys with buffer tube, stock, sights, and gas block questions.

Welcome aboard. Before you go worrying about all that stuff, just read this (very long) thread on that whole commotion.


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98 - Thank you for pointing me to the long post. It should be a must read for anyone jumping in here. Unfortunately i now question my initial thoughts on starting with a DPMS patterned lower as it strays from Mr. Stoners original design and substitutes AR15 parts. I guess a call to Heavy Buffers is in my near future...

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