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Buffer, Spring, and Tube


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Been looking around internet, even called a gun store. Not finding an answer, so here goes.

I want to own a single lower and swap between a 16" carbine upper and a 24" rifle upper.

One brand has a rifle-length buffer/spring/tube combo for fixed stock, and a carbine-length buffer/spring/tube combo for adjustable stock.

Adjustable stock has some slop which might affect accuracy at longer distances, but I'm not taking 1000yd sniper shots so I'm not that concerned. When going from carbine to rifle, I'd simply rather not change the stock or tube.

Do I HAVE to change out the buffer?

If I HAVE to change the buffer, can I go to a different WEIGHT buffer of same length, or is there something magical about the rifle-length buffer?

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Thanks. I've been poking around other places and it seems I and other newbs have been tripped up by marketing nomenclature. If they dropped the "Rifle-length" and "Carbine-length" nonsense and just stuck with "A2 format" and "Adjustable Mil-Spec format", we could drill straight to buffer weight being the operative variable within a chosen format.

The Aero Precision 308 Carbine Buffer Kit I bought has a 3.8oz 2-9/16" buffer. Both uppers will also have adjustable gas blocks. I'll see how all that plays together once all the other parts get here. I just wish I knew a lot sooner that a guy could buy parts and build his own.

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WOW! Sounds like you've been around the world a few times with this issue. So, would I be better off returning the Aero buffer kit and getting an Armalite AR10REKIT01 buffer kit for my DPMS Gen1 pattern receiver from LiveFreeArms.com?

Thanks for the heads up on the inbetween drilling. Am I correct that a DPMS bcg is NOT compatible with an Armalite barrel?

Because I'm already committed to the DPMS pattern, if I get one of those fucked-up barrels, I should be able to tap/plug the existing port (tap and plug, not weld; don't want to risk warping the barrel), drill out a properly-placed port, and use Armalite-branded gas tubes. That along with the Armalite buffer kit, I'm thinking I should be to Stoner spec. Yes? No?

I'm not trying to be cheap-ass to win a medal, but I AM on a limited budget.

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3 hours ago, Albroswift said:

You can have a custom tube made, I think the company we use is White Oak Armament, if you don't want to fuk with the barrel

Does WOA make a 308? Closest I'm seeing is a 7.62, and everywhere I've read says you can't use 308 cartridge in 7.62 chamber due to 308 being longer.

Edited by midmo-j
DERP! You said tube. My bad.
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10 hours ago, unforgiven said:

Pressure difference .308 63K and 7.62 50K psi. not an issue with modern rifles. Could be a problem for old Military surplus.

^^^  AND...   Back In The Day...   when the military was testing 7.62 NATO ammo, the way to measure pressure was completely different than the methods used to test and measure the civilian equipment/ammo... 

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17 hours ago, ARTrooper said:

I only have 3 and I can’t have anymore. Lol

That whole process almost killed you, brother.  That was nuts.  Wow, wrong words to use in that, :bitchslap:   but you know what I mean.  That was crazy.

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