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Favorite freshwater fishing lure


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Behind the seat of my pickup I keep a Daiwa 4' Micro Ultra light armed with a 2" Black and Gold Rapala Original Floating Minnow. I use this lure nearly 75% of the time for Trout and Bass here in New England.

Last year I started using a similar minnow from Yo-Zuri and had fantastic results. Ill look up the model numbers later


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H&H spinnerbait.  White/Chartreuse in muddy water, Blue/Chart in Clear (both with colorado or double colorado blades).  There are other lures that are great at varrying times, but for a go to, that is it.  It works on white perch, stripers, bass, occasional catfish, and even speckled trout if Im going saltwater.  If I'm in a new body of water, it's what I use to find fish, then I fine tune how i want to fish.  The only time it's not the first bait out of the box is when Im bass fishing at nite, because the blades arent big enough to create the thump I look for in a spinnerbait.  Only thing I do is use a split ring, and cut off one hook of a treble hook, and attach that instead of the factory hook, because it can and will spread when you have a large fish hooked.  (look at how the factory hook attaches and you'll understand).


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Took the grand daughter to fish southern Ill Dam.Stoped to get nightcrawlers and the guy ask what color did I want.He had these green ones.They were fat and lively.Cut them in half and hammered the fish.First time for Jess and she loved it.Asked the guy on the way out of town what he used.It's called "worm glow".Put a table spoon in with regular crawlers in the container they come in and they turn green,fat and lively.

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well i kinda fudged some they are steelhead which are searun rainbow trout.....still a rainbow though.....

same when they run out into the Great Lakes inland we call them rainbow outta Michigan or superior they're steal head. Browns and Brookie's will do the same too I can't think of their. " lake " names off the top my head
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