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What do you do for a living?


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I have been a commercial fisherman, deckhand on tug boats, carpet cleaner/installer, operator in a asphalt plant, electrician. For the past 15 years i've been a project manager for a large electrical contractor. I'm also an IMSA certified level 3 traffic signal Electrician.



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i operate a tandem inline extrusion coating machine. it's 178ft long and has two coating heads. we make flexible packaging, medical products (all 3m surgical drape used in the world is produced on my machine, just in case you were nervous about surgery before!), and food packaging. the rolls come off my machine as jumbo's, anywhere from 1500 to 6000 lbs, and get shipped directly or slit for customers in house. i snagged some pics last night before i left, we were running cosmetic web, which can be used for anything like ketchup to toothpaste to travel shampoo packets.






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so the bottom two pics are my die, which is where molten poly ethelene comes out at .0015-.0032 of an inch wide, at 600 degrees. we run various blends of different plastics to achieve barrier properties the customer asks for. the first pic is the end of the machine looking to the beginning , the next two are screen shots of running parameters.

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I'm the manager of geospatial information systems for the largest natural gas transportation company in the US.  Basically, I and my team manage the databases of record to support pipeline integrity and the operations and maintenance of the pipelines, as well as reporting per regulations to the DOT.

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Jeez edgecrusher are workplaces closely related. We provide products that get extruded with fiberglass pannels on trucks and ladders, We process and slit material for transformer insulation, wire filler, dental points for root canals, cotton facial wipes and many other things.

I am familiar with Black Clawson. Years ago I took a slitting/winding class with one of their very smart people.

I am head of maintenance and Director of IT. I also do after hours freelance IT stuff. Thats how I pay for the shooting stuff and the sites. I used to do home improvement stuff on the side but the money and effort blows compared to the IT work.

Lastly Im the property manager/building super at the apartment building where I reside.

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Out of high school I worked on oil rigs in Kansas, then worked for Adventureline Mfg. in Parsons Ks. making 30 rnd. M-16 mags for the military. After that I was a mechanic (they're called service techs now) for a Chevy dealership. I then spent 23 years as a cop and retired from that. I then put my wife through nursing school while working at an auto parts store. Now she makes more money than I ever did and I just do honey-do stuff and substitute at the local high school some.

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After highschool went straight to the recruiter he said "thanks but no thanks" because of my contracting polio as a kid.Went to the steelmill 3rd generation U.S.Steel So.works started laboring in the blastfurnace,then bricklayer laborer,then payloader operator,then electronic repaireman appertice.Mill folded worked for Xerox service tech at one time was able to troubleshoot down to the component level,got a harley attitude went to poop.Learned how to weld bounced around doing maintanence and fabrication.Waited almost 5 yrs. to be called for Sheetmetal workers completed my apprenticeship.I am an A card journeyman I weld [all processes and positions] burn [gas and plasma],layout [anything],fitup[anything],signal and rigg crane and helicopters,readprints,solve field problems[as in how do we fit 10 lbs. of poop in a 2lb. bag].I have helped build a large portion of Chicago,burbs and with great pride Great Lakes Naval base.With almost 35yrs. in industry 23 as a tinner unable to serve in the military I serve my country by helping build it. 8)

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Jack of all trades, master of none. Currently working as a heavy equipment operator doing contract work for Duke Energy. Besides being an Eq. Operator I have also been:

HVAC Install Tech - Commercial and Residential

Machinist / Tool & Die Maker - Pharmaceutical Plastic Injection Molding and typical machine shop work

Inspector - Manufactured homes

Small Engine & Automotive mechanic

Chemical Plant Operator - Everything from janitorial to packaging & shipping

I also do freelance computer work for friends and family of friends and family.

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Commercial refrigeration, road the walmart boom for the past 9 years my company has built just about every single one in Wisconsin, a few in eastern mn, il and iowa. We also service them alOne with other grocery stores, C stores and cold wearhouses.

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Guest LLArms

So far I am the nerd of the bunch.  :(

I am a technical analyst for one of the worlds largest payroll companies. We posted 10 billion in profit last year. Client (company) calls me if the software they use from us buggers up and need it squared away.

Yea I know - the look does not fit.

As you can see from my other "ventures" I'm trying to get my own thing going, but its still a ways off. Slowly, but surely.

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Out of HS I did my Air Force time.  Then did house framing for quite a few years in a couple states.  Did some manufacturing after moving to Michigan (Wife's home state).  For the last 8 years I've done inventory control.  Currently manage a stockroom or machine parts for a automotive parts stamping/welding facility.

Inventory management is what I like to do.

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I crawfished for our neighbors all through high school, then went to play football in college and sand blasted off shore platforms over the summertime. Got an undergrad degree in animal science and a masters degree in environmental science while working as vet technician at the local emergency pet hospital and a day clinic, and I recently got accepted into the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine so in 4 years Ill change my name to Dr. MegaTon  <laughs>

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