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Police Officer Shoots Zombie????????


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Sound like a meth head,6 shots poor zombie killer.He needs more range time .And if his side arm is 40.cal he DEFINITENLY needs more range time.Just came back from the range with wy bro frrom Nev. Today was the best day on the range rifle and pistol. <thumbsup>

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I dunno man. My dad told me a few years ago there was a shoot-out in Charleston (where he lived at the time) in which a wounded police officer emptied his 1911A1 in to his attacker and hit him in the dead zone with every shot, and his attacker didn't even fall down. Attacker died a few minutes later, but in the fight, 8 rounds of .45ACP didn't even make him fall. I guess that after enough drug abuse, everything in your brain that makes you human can eventually get shot, and at that point, for all intents and purposes, you ARE a real life zombie.

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PCP has been rearing it's ugly head again on the streets. I've fought guys on the stuff, and it is a guaranteed workout. Everyone always says a 150lbs man can fight like a 250lbs man.... Why is it that all my PCP fights are with 250+ lbs men?? It took as many as 12-15 cops taking shifts fighting the last guy. We fought him at the scene for what seemed like forever until we finally got him in the car... that was until he kicked out the window of the cruiser and tried to jump out on the freeway, then we fought him again there... Had to take him to the hospital for injuries, we fought again... It's funny how a 115 lbs female doctor, armed with a pair of syringes, can take down a guy in just seconds.

If you encounter a guy on PCP, normal means of incapacitation do NOT work. The body and brain no longer communicate the same. Pain and injury no longer register to the person under the influence. Bullets will tear through soft tissue and internal organs with little to no result. Heart and lungs continue to perform until all life is drained from them. The only way to actually incapacitate is to remove the mechanical or electrical features of the body. "Mechanical" means that you have to break a lot of bones, and break them really badly. The person under the influence will continue to fight, but mechanically he will be unable to perform. Electrically can be only done in one of two ways. Severe trauma to the brain or spinal cord.

I think the officer's shooting was fine. Officers are trained to shoot for center-mass. He is also trying not to shoot the cannibal's lunch, laying helplessly on the ground. A "zombie head shot" would require some pretty advanced accuracy on a moving target, with a shit ton of liability if he misses. It doesn't matter what that officer did, there will always be Monday morning quarterback who would have done something different. His final results were satisfactory to me.

Often times a person under the influence of PCP can be distracted with simple devices. I have heard that a simple repeated squirts from a pepper spray can, didn't affect the suspect, but did confuse him long enough for back-up to arrive. I wouldn't trust a "distraction" over a well placed .45ACP, but if it's all I have...

"Cocaine Psychosis" can be a symptom from consuming any stimulant, not just cocaine. Seeing these guys and trying to communicate with them is crazy. I see it at least once a week, and it is almost always different. I've seen "vampires", "aliens", "federal agents" and "spies". I've seen lots of "undercover cops" too. The most common one that I come across is the paranoid psychosis. Everyone is out to kill them for whatever reason their mind has wrapped around.

Although mixing PCP and cocaine, amongst other narcotics, is very popular. All these stimulants, just by themselves, are ingredients to a very bad experience. Mix them, or take them in varying quantities, and you are guaranteeing your trip will end at the bottom of a six foot pit, wrapped in a pine box.

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Nicely said Robo  <thumbsup>

I have a brother in law that is an officer and he has simular stories.

People in general are crazy too.  :cookoo:

Drugs or no drugs...dealing with the public in general sucks  <dontknow>

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Latest word from Miami law enforcement is it is suspected that the perp was on a particularly nasty form of LSD that has recently hit the streets in the Miami area. The stuff amps up your core temperature making you do all you can to cool off, hence the perp and victim being naked. There have been several other incidents over the last few weeks involving users of the LSD who were naked also, all in the Miami area apparently. :cookoo:

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I don't know if it was just Tucson or the whole state of Arizona, who just banned sales of bath salts.  The news outlets certainly had no shortage of video showing kids whacked out after smoking bath salts.

Seems to be about a 10-year cycle for the appearance of certain street drugs, which cause extremely violent behavior.


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Here it's heroin and meth. Heroin is insane here kids 16-25 dieing every week from bad batches or OD, and no one know cuz it goes in the paper as unexpected death. I know they are trying to be polite but I think it should say they died of heroin over dose to educate the public on wth is actually going on around them! I've only been outta school 12 years and no one was doing this poop alota people smoked pot but fornicate that just makes you lazy and hungry......

Think the end of the world or the country is near but I don't think it's going to be alians zombies or nuck's, think it's going to crumble like the roman empire......

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Who saw 28 Days?

Does reality mirror fiction, or the other way around?



Notice these are a couple/few years old already.

In 28 Days, subjects or staff working with new viruses left the lab where the work was being conducted.

Notice in the first article the doctor they quote, Samita Andreansky, works at a university in Miami, Florida...where naked zombie dude ate off some guys face.  Interesting also that the article makes reference to an airborne rabies as a "rage virus".

Ok...ok ok!  Now it gets REALLY weird!  Ok!

Another doctor, Rebecca Carley, claims that her research found reference to a rabies virus implanted in VACCINES, in a study done by NATO that was published in 1980.

The out of print study can be bought here if you have the cash:


Lock-N-Load baby!  Remember...headshots are best!


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