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Pretty bad ass birdy!


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First time seeing that type plane,awesome.Looks like it can work with minimal space.Go Air Force. <thumbsup>


The F-35B is the Marine version, the only one with V/STOL capabilities.  The USAF is the A-model, and the Navy's is the C-carrier version.


Still very cool!



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Incredible. Looks like it's straight out of a Michael Bay movie. I heard about the variations that were being developed for the different branches quite a while ago. It's nice to see video of it. I hope the seat(s) have as many shocks (or whatever goes into it) as the landing gear.

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F-22 Raptor:

Unproven in combat but obviously the baddest war bird to ever fly (no matter what those cocky ass europeans & Russian think) With that being said I still prefer tho older fighters. It made me sick the day I learned that they were scraping the F-14 Tomcat, it and the F-15E are just bad M-Fukers! Then there's the A-10 Warthog with its BIG GUN, FA-18 Super Hornet, F-4 Phantom(Impressive for its day) & SR71 Black Bird. Those planes have character <thumbsup>

Anyone else notice an increased amount of military aircraft recently? Last weekend I had a group of Cobras (4) flying low & fast pas over my house, then Blackhawks all weekend long, all heading east. That's not normal in my area! Makes me wonder if they're building up for Syria?


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Madison has an air guard base, then there is camp Douglas about an hour north the dells then 45 min north east of the dells is the hard woods bombing range. I've seen the jets scramble outta Madison a few times once was that shoe bomber in Chicago they few straight down i90 broke sound barrier near where I was mowing the lawn scarred the poop outta me never did see the planes. Hardwoods you used to be able to go watch them drop dummy rounds, my boss used to go up there with a cooler of beer in the 70's-80's and watch them all day long. The time I went it was all simulated and pretty high up. But they had some old targets there they used live rounds on. Steel 4-6" thick with holes punched thru as big as my fist!!!!!. I was in Milwaukee last week and happen to see one of the re fuelers taking off outta Mitchell

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