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California shooting


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News making a big deal of him using an AR15 and having over 1000 rounds of ammo "that he could have fired"



Only because it didn't occur to them that he could've broken into an armory instead of a library.... and then "he could have fired" a whole boatload of stuff.

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Hes a psych patient.... it wasn't his fault!  It was the gun that killed everyone! Its the fault of the people that sold him the gun, parts, mags, rounds!  They caused this!  What a fvckin joke!  I feel terrible for the victims, but this moron acted on his own and planned this.  Hes crazy.  Im pissed that he had an AR.  Just when things were settling down a little.  I dont think this changes anything.  All the bills are already in place.  THis is just another nut job

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