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Pic Of The Day 2


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I did this one...quite often.

Last weekend I was working on the shower faucet & it EXPLODED! Hot water shooting out full force all over the bathroom floor. I was already aggravated and I yelled "AWE-FUK" as I started my sprint towards the water meter. My 3 yr. old heard me and he's been repeating it ever since :huh: Today when my wife woke him from his nap his first words were Awe Fuk!  <laughs>  ??? I keep saying "Awe TRUCK but he isn't buying it.

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When my daughter was two, thirty-five years ago, and we were teaching her the parts of her body, arm, leg, eye, nose, ear, etc. and she came to her fore head she pronounce it fork head which quickly morphed into fuk head.


She pointed at my brother once at our nother's house and said "fuk head". Everyone had a very surprised look on their faces and my brother said "well, I guess I've been told". I had a hell of a time explaining it.


Couldn't break her of it so we avoided ever asking her about her fore head.


She also called a McDonalds Happy Meal a Puffy Milk.


So was so cute.

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Luckily mine hasnt reached that phase yet so im gonna hafta learn to hold my tongue. Speaking of cuteness my brother in laws "niece" calls famous daves, hot piggies bc the logo has a pig with flames. So i get looks bc i forget to call it FD and always call it hot piggies. Needless to say i get looks haha

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My sister used to buy those orange candy peanuts that are made out of marshmallow or something for my nephew, and I guess they are called 'circus peanuts'. One day while standing in the checkout line at the grocery store he started hollering that she didn't get him any 'circle penises'!

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