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Long time, no talk...


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How goes it everyone?  Haven't been around in a while; however, life gets the best of us sometimes and I've been in the pipeline for another deployment, buying a house, getting settled, etc.  The build has been on the put back burner as well as my fishing and everything else.  It is what it is...I had a little time on my hands this morning so I though I'd drop by.  


I think the direction our country is heading or the position we are in even has my wife a little nervous as she came to me the other day and said it's time to buy a couple more pistols and finish my build, can't argue with that logic as there for a while she had a little @$$ burn with my 308 build (another reason it was put to the side).  


I've developed a new interest over the past few months as well and that is knives.  Another hobby the wife isn't to keen on, but I think once she learns how to really use one she'll take a liken to them. 


Anyways, I hope all is well over here and as I progress through my build I'll post up :D  I haven't quite finalized what direction I want to take it; however, I think that will come to fruition as I piece it together.  I'd really like to use it for long range shooting (targets) as well as deer and elk (never elk hunted, but they're on my to hunt list).  Who knows....



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Thanks everyone....good to be back on the board that is, I haven't left yet.  Headed to the Stan early next year, just in the work up pipeline right now. 


As for knives I have found several I want and now it is just a matter of whittling (pun intended) them down to a select few to take in country with me. 


Winkler makes some really nice knives and I like his belt knife for a conceal carry knife, the microtech currahee is slick blade.  Dawson makes some really nice fighting knives and Spartan blades has some nice fighting knives. 


My next folder wil be the Emerson Commander BT. 


Tops are nice knives, treeman makes some really nice ones. Strider, Zero Tolerance, Kramer....there are tons of them.  It's hard to narrow it down :D


I figured I need at least 3 blades (one pocket folder, one in my kit (visible carry), one in my back (concealed).  May seem like a lot of blades to carry; however, you gotta know the mission first and the possibilities of blue on green. 


The Emerson will be pocket blade backed up by a couple different Benchmade autos, the Currahee will be my kit blade backed up by a Benchmade Nimravus, my CC knives are undetermined at this time. 


On another note glad to some familiar faces still around and everyone doing well.  I've pretty much got my lower built out in my head with the exception of the trigger.  I'd pretty much decided on the SSA-E unitl I talked to one our Precision Weapon guys (gun smiths) at work and he told me to buy the 65 dollar trigger and he could make it perform almost just as well as the SSA/-E.  I may give that a shot and if I'm not happy swap it out.  Buffer, stock, and grip are all decided on. 


My upper will match my lower and I believe I'm going to send it in and have it fitted with a Krieger barrel, free floating, etc.  Not sure about the BCG...


Anyways, time to finish up breakfast and get my boy to baseball!  Good to see ya'll again!

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Primary Arms is having a 10% sale on triggers right now.

I love those Emerson commanders. I had two of them. The only thing I didn't like was how much I cried when I lost them. Always wanted to grab a 3rd, just couldn't get over the cost again. I like you CQC-15 too. The wave feature is awesome

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Robo- One of the guys I work with carries an Emerson commander and that wave feature is what really turned me on to it.  Both my folders I carry now are autos; however, I like the G-10 grips and how "sticky" they are.  Both of my folders are slick and without a good grip I could foresee my hand sliding down the blade if things were to get sticky.  If you really want to pick up another the cheapest I have found them is on eBay, there are a couple of authorized dealers on there letting them go for $170 a piece with free shipping. 


Thanks for the heads up on the sale (I may be a little late now :( ). 


DNP- I hear you on the buy once, cry once.  I'm still really learning towards that direction and just doing it from the get go. 


I need to get my pistol(s) bought first; momma needs some night stand protection before I push out the door.  I want to get her gun and her behind it multiple times before leaving so I can ensure she's comfortable with it.  We don't live out in the sticks or in a rough area; however, the sherriffs dept. is the only one who patrols our hood and they are rarely around plus about 20 or so minutes out.  For some reason trouble has been picking up a bit in our area (car thefts mainly) with some unknowns sitting around in parked cars.  Plus, she has a high vis job (as a non-sworn LEO), not allowed to carry "off duty" yet deals with every gang banger, transient and trouble maker who gets arrested in the area she works.  She's already been "identified"/yelled at by some gang bangers while off duty and in plain clothes so that tells they're watching her.  I've even tried to convince her to apply for her CCW (I'd have better piece of mind while deployed knowing that she and my kids would have fighting chance if something was to come up), yet she doesn't think she'll get it just due to CA law.  I'm sure everything will be fine...as we all know though it's better to have and not need, than to need and not have!  

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 I'd pretty much decided on the SSA-E unitl I talked to one our Precision Weapon guys (gun smiths) at work and he told me to buy the 65 dollar trigger and he could make it perform almost just as well as the SSA/-E. 


No matter how much he can smooth a trigger, he can't turn a single stage into a 2-stage trigger.  Unpossible. 


I'd focus the money on the backup gun for the wife first, before the deployment, before spending it on the SSA-E.  An alternative to both courses of action is picking up the Armalite 2-stage NM trigger.  It's a damn good trigger, adjustable at the user level, priced great, and will work well for you.  Upon return, spend some deployment cash on the SSA-E, and put the Armalite NM in another build. 


I'm betting there will be another build...  I'm just sayin'... 

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