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WootWoot! SBR and 1st Suppressor cleared!


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Wow.... submitted a eForm1 for a .300Blackout SBR on Sept 30, and got the email this morning it is approved. Just waiting for the stamp to arrive. So, I called my dealer to tell him it was good he told me about the eforms, and HE tells ME my first suppressor also was approved this morning, also efiled but 2 days prior to my SBR. That makes it only roughly 3½ months from submitted to approved! Just sucks it's not the SpecWar7.62 (it's for my .22) but it was also efiled so there is hope!

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A little gun porn  :banana:


Suppressor on a S&W 422 (SWR/SilencerCo Spectre II)


mockup of my .300aac SBR:
I'm having the stock and rail cerakoted FDE,and the Upper/lower done in Graphite Black. I have a second rail that is longer for when my Specwar762 is approved, so the can will under ride the rail more for a cleaner look, as well as more real estate to grip.


My S&W 15-22 should be back soon from being threaded - that can is made for it! The Spectre II is a TANK. Little more heavy, but no chance in hell of wearing out. Will reside on the 15-22 95% of the time.

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Yeah, I'm actually impressed with the can. I was not sure what to expect, as it's my first can, but regardless it's impressive. Cannot WAIT for my M&P 15-22 to come back from threading! And the little pistol is a blast... Smith & Wesson 422.  Had it for years, and never let me down. I think I'm at the point of needing new springs for it as it seems to jam more often. With the can, it runs better with the extra backpressure, but gums up faster due to the goop. But loads of fun anyways! (I'm on the hunt for the target model Walther P22 however)


Funny thing at the range was the local police was doing their qualifying, so all the noise in the background was them. Otherwise I would have had the entire range to myself. But as they were leaving one car stopped by me and the officer got out. First thought was 'obey, I've had the can a week and my first paperwork check!" but instead he was asking all kinds of questions about it. C:-)

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 First thought was 'obey, I've had the can a week and my first paperwork check!" but instead he was asking all kinds of questions about it. C:-)


They shouldn't be able to ask you anything about the can, brother, nor the SBR - definitely not try to shake you down for the stamp.  Only ATF agents can "inspect" that stuff.  Not local LEO, county LEO, state LEO, etc.  Not their jurisdiction, in the least.


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Aaaaand can #2 approved today! Sadly 'just' another .22lr one, but will help with not having to swap 1 can between 4 different .22's! I'm hoping the downtrend in times for paper approvals continues - I want my Specwar762 for my 300BLK sbr!!!!


Can you confirm that you need subsonic loads to make the suppressor work the way you want? My experiments with .22lr indicated that the bullet going supersonic made more noise than the muzzle blast, which would leave you with a noisy suppressed rifle unless you're running subsonics.


Buddy of mine put a suppressor on a .22 and he was real bummed about how loud it was.


Now that we're on the topic of suppressors, I have to wonder if anyone here has played around with "solvent traps". Supposedly, you put an automotive oil filter onto the rifle's muzzle and that "traps" your solvents while you are cleaning the bore.


Nod nod, wink wink, LOL, LULZ and ROTFLMAO, these are disposable suppressors. Anybody try one a them?


These "solvent traps" would be worthless on most firearms--as suppressors--because the automotive oil filter has such a huge diameter that the sights are too low and you couldn't sight around them. But with AR-type rifles, the sights are so high above the bore that you won't have that interference.


Controversy rages on whether a "solvent trap" is actually a suppressor in the eyes of the BATFE. Basically, when you buy one of these critters, all you get is a threaded adapter that screws on to where you have your flash hider or muzzle brake. By itself, it does nothing for noise. You have to add the oil filter to get the suppression.


All I know is, nobody's been arrested or charged yet on supplying or possessing suppressors based on automotive oil filters. But if you search tne 'net, the adapters for the "solvent traps" for firearms are everywhere.

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Controversy rages on whether a "solvent trap" is actually a suppressor in the eyes of the BATFE.


You'll find that the BAFTE declared these adaptors as suppressors, and you have to file them on the form, declare them, pay your $200, and get your stamp for them. 


There might be some shady companies out there that say you don't have to do that, but the most "public" company now states that on their website.


Be careful...

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Gnat, I know nothing of the 'solvent trap' but would not be interested... not going the route of trying to be sneaky, cheaper or riskier - the whole reason I went the Trust route. No problem with those that do, but there is far too much in my life to risk it, or risk LOSING it. As far as the subsonic loads. that depends. With the same can (Spectre II), and same ammo (various supersonic), there is a noticeable different in the sound reduction between my different .22's. And it all boils down to barrels - my 2 pistols (Ruger SR22 and S&W 422) are STUPID quiet. But the same can and ammo on my rifles (S&W 15-22 and Ruger 10/22) is not nearly as quiet. The .22 in a short barrel (pistol) is basically a subsonic round- the barrel is not long enough to get it supersonic (or so I believe). But in the rifles, with thir longer barrels, the ammo DOES go supersonic hence you get the 'crack'. I have no sound measuring devices, other then my own ears, and they tell me this is true. But, it's still hearing safe with the rifles. It's just STUPID quiet on the pistols! I've tried subsonic .22 ammo and my pistols do not cycle with it, and the rifles only do 1/3 of the time. If I had a bolt action, that is certainly what I would use.

Magwa, I'm just going by a post on Facebook by NFA Tracker-

"A month later, and it seems that the downtrend is for real! Check it out here:
We aren't quite back down to the 180 day pre-Newton transfer times, but it is getting there

My 2nd can was another efile, only filed a month after my first BUT came 3 months longer than the first. But, on the NFA Tracker linked image, there is a noticeable down turn in approval times. Read somewhere the ATF added something like 14 new people to reduce backlog, working extended hours, yada yada. I read it on the Intertubes so it MUST be true, right? But, if the NFA Tracker info is right, there is something to it. And since it relies on the people that applied, then I think there is some merit to the info. I hope. I want my Specwar!!!

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Ok so you arew going the individual route? finger prints ,pictures etc.... because as i understand you can not do a trust by efile.... and My first can submitted last october went pending dec 1 but will not be approved till december 2014!!!!!!! how is that for inefiencentcy.... or Up the A$$ for folks with trusts.....

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Nope, I am doing the Trust route - Form1 is allowed by the user. I personally filed my own Form1 (SBR), but my dealer is doing my cans via eFile... altho only 2 of 4 are able to for some reason- something about if he had them in stock or had to be ordered I think. The other 2 were mailed, and they are the ones I would rather have! (Specwar762 and Osprey45)

When I picked up my Element on Friday, he told me he was getting Trust applications back 2-3 months sooner than individual, either efile or mailed! He said that due to the time frame that I got my Specwar762 submitted, he suspects I could see it in 1.5-2 months from now! I think I better start working up my subsonic 300blk loads...

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