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Hold my beer and watch this!


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I don't think that any of us get "angry" here. We just call it as we see it. If you're dumb, then you're dumb. Period. I look at it from the Darwin perspective. Nature weeding out the week.

Hell, I've said before.......we didn't spend thousands and thousands of years climbing to the top of the food chain for nothing. Dumbass's like this just set all of us back.

And it always started with..."seemed like a good idea at the time".

That's why we have thumbs DUMBASS!


Now..........back to the previously recorded program................already in progress..........................................

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More than that, brother.


Did do the Yosh RS-3 full exhaust (stock headpipe is WAY too small in diameter).  Ported the living hell out of the head.  3x3 hole in the top of the airbox, NoToil thin Supermoto foam filter, FCR-39 carb conversion, Athena 434 jug with a 14.25:1 compression piston in it, original Hotcams (more lift than the new ones, more duration, no decomp device on the exhaust cam).  Manual decomp added from a DRZ-kick bike.  Chucked the stock weakass battery and made a Yuasa YTZ-10S fit in the modded battery box.


I've done $hit to it that Yoshimura can't replicate.


3rd gear low-RPM roll-on wheelies are effortless.  You can't keep it down in 1st.  Slight tug in 4th, and it comes right up.  Have to run 104 octane, minimum, to avoid detonation.



It's ridiculous.



Next up is a 5mil stroke.  Bring it up to a 470.  :hethan: <laughs>

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