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Blew up my ruger sp101


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Even with the unknown ammo, they might work with you.  I'm curious to see how this goes once you contact them.

By all rights they don't owe me anything, so I can't be mad either way. But I do hope they have some mercy on me and help me out in some way. It's the very first ruger I ever bought. I'll keep you posted.

:eek: Wow.That was alot of pressure to bend that pistol like that.Good time to buy a lottery ticket brother.Just sayin.

Haha, I won't push it.

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Hay Savageman25. That 1st quote in your sig is a false rumor.


 Gun defect, maybe. You never really know. Ruger revolvers are known for being some of the toughest. If the ammo didn't blow your dad's gun to pieces, then I would say he either had a monsterously tough gun or it probably was a defect in the gun.


 Ferrari X-Rays their engines when they first come out of the foundry and again right before assembly. I guess that might be a sure way to know there is no metal defect. Up to that It's always a gamble but one with the odds vastly in the customer's favor. Still, that lottery has it's winners.

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Glad you're okay.


100% ammo issue.  One of our club members did that to his Ruger GP100 with his handloads.  Plenty of it shot great…just that one round.


And Ruger said "Nope, that's all on you."


Everyone needs to take to heart how important double and triple checks are when reloading…especially when you get to the powder charge.


Another instructor has several KaBOOM-ed handguns.  Every one was an ammo issue.  Some squib loads where the shooter fired after plugging the barrel, others multiple powder charges, even a couple of nice old revolvers people shoved +P or +P+ ammo into them.

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