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Robocop1051's New Buck Blaster!


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Nope... not yet... to be continued.

I do this shiit to dig at Tom... especially when he already knows what's coming.



Bastard.  :fawkdance:


Get it running already, so we can shoot it! 

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Here she is... my new Ruger M77 "Gunsight Scout Rifle" .308


I wanted to make sure I got her new brake on before I showed her off. The old flash hider was so blasé.

I scored an absolutely WICKED deal on this. I'm still in shock from the deal. The rifle came with the scope and sling, AND the 10 extra magazines. There's two poly 5rd, two poly 10rd, and six steel 10rd... plus they all came loaded with premium ammo. Total (even with the Lantac installed) I have about $525 invested in this... not bad at all

Lantac Dragon 7.62


Stack of magazines


Nikon "Force XR" 2x20mm Pistol Scope


There was an extended eye relief Leupold 4x on it, but the seller swapped out before the deal. At the price I got it, I couldn't argue. I may go up to a 4x again eventually, but this setup is ridiculously fast. Shooting with two open eyes is a new concept for some, but after 12 of combined LE and training, two eyes open is completely natural to me.

The M77 bolt is super strong. It's mauser-style build takes some getting used to, especially if you're a m700 guy. I've been shooting M77's a long time, and have been a large fan of the model... All the way down to the .22lr.

Adding the scope raised my sight a bit, so a cheek riser is on order now. I'm also contemplating removing one or two stock spacers. My only hold back on that is that if the stock is any shorter, the bolt will whack my nose when charging.

I'll get her out to the range soon. I've been waiting for this one for a long time now.

Edited by Robocop1051
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I got the text-pic of the Lantac yesterday - you suck.  You'll need that on that little rifle, brother.  I think you shot mine with the Dynacomp on it already - but the damn thing would rattle your teeth with that stock POS that was on it.  Adding something to the barrel end is damn near mandatory. 


That's one hell of a deal.  Congrats on that, man, big time.  If you ever need more poly mags, let me know - I'd be glad to work out an arrangement for a trade for the steels you have.  (Don't get me wrong - I love the poly mags, and they function GREAT - I just want more steels for my 700 with the BAD-DBM.  <thumbsup> )



Rob, at some point, you have to try a micro red-dot on that rifle - what an awesome combination!

Edited by 98Z5V
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After Barry let's lil'Kim across the pond to EMP the poop outta the 48, you'll be wishing you had a scope too.


Eff that.  Magnification is for fags.  :tfg:


That red-dot on the GSR rings steel out to 400 yards, with very little holdover.  That's about the ideal for what that gun is designed for.  For schit over 400, there are others to fill that role.  >:D :banana:


Now, you're making excuses for a glass purchase...  <lmao>

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Once batteries are extinct, I'll be able to throw a micro red-dot with amazing accuracy, bonk a bastard in the mellon, render him unconscious (or deceased), TAKE all his schit from him, and recover my non-damaged, non-battery'd micro red-dot...   completely silent (except for the "thunk" on his mellon), and without expending a round.  All for the pain of carrying around an extra 3 ounces of non-operational aluminum.


And, I'll still have iron sights on that GSR.


Take THAT!  :banana:

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