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My First Gun

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NEMO Arms Battle Rifle AR-308

Built it from purchasing the billet matched receiver set from Nemo back in July and this is what I ended up with so far.




The parts you see are obvious from the images and yes that's an SR Gold Trigger.

What you don't see is the JP Adjustable Gas Block, and the Rainier Arms Raptor Ambidextrous Charging Handle.

Now if you're wondering about the Magpul PRS Butt Stock being carbon fiber, it's vinyl wrapped. If you want to make it more appealing to the eye, do this. Clean the surface of the cheek piece free from oils. Spray a polyurethane semi gloss clear on it. Then vinyl wrap it into any color you wish. Hope that helps.

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Welcome! Good call on that trigger :) *Cue Tom's arrival*



Thank you, thank you.  I'll be here the rest of the evening.  Sit back, grab a drink and enjoy the show.  Remember to tip your server...  <lmao>


That's an impressive pile of parts coming together! 

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Did somebody say bipod?

Have you seen this one...? http://eliteiron.com/bipod/

R^2 was supposed to be the first member here to own one of these lovely pieces, but he's gone soft and would rather drink MGD and play with his dolls than build fine fire arms. I used to really look up to the guy...he was kinda my idol. <lmao>

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You'll survive. I'm sure of it. Just like beer, you don't always have to get the best stuff to enjoy it. Some people just really like MGD....I'm not sure what's wrong with em, but they like it. Could be worse though...at least it's not bud light.

I sure wish you would purchase that bipod so I can give up this bit. It's getting old even from my end.

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Talking about this

.MGD is and aquired taste and after hanging around my thirsty...I mean really thirsty brother Ron I aquired it. :ecs:

AR's are a disease, similar to alcoholism. One isn't enough and ten is just getting started. My comment however was back to beer. Sorry.

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