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Bullet question


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I hope this is the right place for this question. I just picked up a M&P 10. A friend of mine gave me about 200 rounds of what he says is 7.62. It has a head stamp that reads.

LC. 74 and a circle with a cross in it. It looks like a 7.62, but I want to make sure before I shoot them. I would hate to chamber a round that is the wrong caliber. Can some one give me an answer. Thanks.

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Some one can correct me if Im wrong but that should mean 1974 Lake city (manufacturer) with a nato headstamp (circle with cross)

Probably old milsurp ammo


It doesn't have a designation on it of what caliber on the packaging?  Buy a box of 308 and compare...

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OP, Make sure that NOT  Lake City 1974 30-06 ammo... 


Buy some .308 Win and compare it, or measure the case length, based on the above. 


Shib, that thumb is impressive.  <thumbsup>


We need updates, as it leaves...  <lmao>


I can't tell you how many of those things I've smashed and lost...  :eek:

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