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New guy from MN building a AR-10 style rifle...


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Welcome from Indiana brother.At least with the previous info you can avoid some of the problems.

Not sure of that doesn't sound like the PSA upper is going to work with my LR-308 style lower...

PSA says they will work others say different...

Have to wait a couple more days to find out...

I may have jumped the gun so to speak when I ordered the upper...

I have a Jack Squats puzzle piece lower I could use and adjust the height of the buffer tube if thats the problem with PSA matching up to LR-308 lowers...

Time will tell...

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Man.. I'm sorry it didn't work out.  PSA needs to get their poop in a group with this one... I don't think I've read of one build on here involving PSA (of the 3 or so total that is) that hasn't been somehow problematic. 


Maybe it's better with a matching set as Shib says.  IDK...  Don't think I'd be first in line to grab a set after the stuff I've read so far.

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If it's just the upper that is giving fits, get one direct from DPMS, it's cheaper and free shipping even if you need to pay tax:




I have a stripped barrel and DPMS Upper like the one in th bottom link...

They are going out monday to be assembled by a local smith...

That was my plan A...

PSA's price was right I just wish it would have worked...

I'll post some pics when i get it back...

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Hey... watch the name calling. PSA had a good run on AR15 parts for a long time.

On the other hand, a CMMG trigger guard roll pin will actually fukc up your whole life

Fixed it...

Agree very much about PSA's AR15 stuff, they're great people overall anyways, probably just one of those 'birthing issues' that companies go through with new products like this.

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  • 4 weeks later...

I thought long and hard about PSA, and want to try a dirt cheap AR15 build. All the research I've done points to conflictions with DPMS and others. I'm very curious how a matched set will be. Want to build a blemish gun for the pops. He wont shoot it enough to notice,, "so cold I know" but would be doing back flips when he gets it. That being said hope your build comes together with less pain then you've been having! Where in MN are you? Lots of guys on here from AZ nice to see a fellow Minnesotan!

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