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98s new build.


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I will make that thing a reality-on-video, just like they did. Looks like they were getting decent velocity, and it's certainly got the mass. Having a weapon like this in your arsenal is just SMART. 


Think about it - first, you have the "standoff distance" going for you, over "going physical" with the hand-to-hand 3-foot weapon.  Distance between you and your attacker is of utmost importance... 


Next, psychological impact has to be severe.  Especially for "crowd dispersion" situations. Someone taking a physical beatdown with a person weilding a 3ft Double Headed Jelly Dong will never forget that.  Nor will his friends.  Think of the possibilities of "psychological trauma" for large-crowd type riots, though...  You launch a 12" RUBBER BRIGHT-PINK PENIS into the face of the Mob Instigator, drop him cold like a sack of $hit, nd the rest of the crowd will CERATAINLY not want ANY of that. 


I'll get to work on this right away... 

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