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308 Pistol build


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Here's a couple of pics of my 308 pistol build with the 12.5 inch Sig barrel. The brace is an SOB brace, Diamondback blem receiver set, Sig barrel, Sprincco orange spring and a 5.4 oz. buffer, CMMG 9.5" hand guard, LaRue MBT2 trigger, Magpul MOE+ grip, D. Wilson BCG, White Oak Armament 10 & 5/8" gas tube with a PAW adjustable gas block and an Aimpoint Comp M4s. I put the adjustable gas block on because I plan on shooting it from time to time with a suppressor on it. I had extraction issues at first, which was an issue for a couple of the guys on here back when we bought these BCGs from Dave Wilson. I solved it by doubling up on the rubber o rings on the extractor springs. After that, I ran 120 rounds through it with no problem just to break it in. Next step, get it on paper and see what it will do! I dialed the gas block 3 clicks past where I got BHO and the recoil is pretty decent!



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2 minutes ago, jtallen83 said:

Very nice :thumbup: Got any details on that gas system for us?

It's in the narrative, 10 & 5/8" White Oak Armament gas tube with a PSA adjustable gas block.

I set the gas block to where it was just inside of the handguard, which covers the original gas port and seals it. That put the gas port I drilled right at 1/2" back from the original gas port. The new gas port is .078 (2mm) and yeah, the friggin drill bit broke just as it broke through to the bore! I did manage to drive it on through and cleaned the hole up with another bit. That was the only drama with the build other than the extraction issue.

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5 minutes ago, jtallen83 said:

Cool, I was curious if you had to plug the original port. Might have to try that on one of mine.

It worked out pretty good with the length of the hand guard I used. I had a backup plan if there was an issue with the original gas port though. My gunsmith buddy told me if I brought it to him he would do a quick hit on the original gas port with his TIG welder. A little light file work and no more port! The gas block seal seems to work just fine though and I didn't want to put any heat in the barrel if I didn't have to, even as slight as that TIG would have been. As a certain silverback always says, "Don't complicate shitt with complicated shitt!"

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  Nice 'pistol' ... future paint job?

Only a government bureau could come up with way of classifying that as a pistol. To show that government stupidity  doesn't recognize borders,my  VZ.61 Skorpion(.32ACP) is classed as a carbine which is good as .32ACP(and .25ACP) pistols are classed prohibited firearms in Canada

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54 minutes ago, Albroswift said:

Sweet! Did you go 10-5/8" because you didn't like the gas block hanging off the journal with the factory location?

Yeah, that and the fact that that length put the gas block flush with the front of the handguard I used. I had to drill another gas port but the positioning of the gas block also covers and seals the original gas port. Kind of a win win deal. I could have welded the original port closed and then dressed it down by hand with a file but it wasn't necessary. Like 98 always says, don't complicate shiit with complicated shiit!😁

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12 hours ago, Albroswift said:

I like that idea. I still have one more 12.5, food for thought. Good looking build. 

Thanks! Now I know why Ron built his SBR, it's a powerful little package and fun to shoot!

One of these days when I have an extra $200 laying around that I don't need and 12 months to wait for it I may SBR this one.

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