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Let's have the truth for once . . . .


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I remember 19 cent Gasoline, nickel cokes and candy bars, the first color TV around 1955, have gun will travel, the bounty hunter, hand cranked Ice Cream and butchering hogs for a piece of the meat no work no meat.... we are lazy now and we have forgot how it used to be simple ..... now everything is complicated and technical .

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9 hours ago, Belt Fed said:

Yep, mine was Mohawk

Hey ours in Pampa, Texas,  was also MOhawk back before area codes

I remember when cigarettes  went to 50 cents a pack, I said it is time to quit smoking and I did in the fall of 1976. My youngest daughter was 5 years old. 

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I remember using silver money as cash.  1960 I received 25 cents for allowance.  I'd buy a 12 DC Comic and a pound of green grapes and have a wonderful afternoon.  I just looked up the value of a silver quarter,  any old silver quarter and they are selling or being offered at $5.50.  I could still pretty much get the grapes today but perhaps not the comic.

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I remember, how at 10 years old, I was the oldest of my cousins to get my first .22 rifle for Christmas. Most of my cousins got theirs at 8 or 9 but they all lived in the country and we lived in the city. Gas at 19 cents a gallon in KC when I was little too. Penny bubble gum and buying a few pieces at a time, and them another few pieces, and then another, to not have to pay tax and lose any!! Lol!!!

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