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Any interest in investing subforum??


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brothers. Any interest in an investing subforum?  Since the market crash my mobey guy lost me about enough of my life savings to choje a horse....i took over my oen retirement fund 60 days ago and have got over 50 % back.....thats why i havnt been here very much...been trying to get my life savings back....looking at 3 monitirs from 7 am to 4 pm has kilked my eyes...so if anyone is invthe same boat or naybe hashing out ideas?naybe an investing subforum would work?

Two eye shots today siory for typos.....😎🤡🔫   Wash

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I don’t think we need a sub forum, gtg with it here. I’m not a money guy (literally have none lol) but the boys have been buying and investing in travel stock and tech. Both are down and will jump when band are lifted. I heard them talking about delta airlines and princess cruise. Sorry to hear it wash, bad time for you for sure, I’m lucky I have time on my side

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I'm in on sharing ideas,  I'll take any advice or  tips.  50% back ?  I'm not sure what you mean.  I hope your eyes clear up soon.  I haven't watched the market with any intensity lately. I'm going to check out JOY global and see what kind of drop they've had.  

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1 hour ago, RedRiverII said:

50% back ?  I'm not sure what you mean.   

Red    sorry for the garbled wording.....market drop caused a 50 k loss not 50% of portfolio and ivr got 25k back by day/ swing trading....I spend a serious amount of time researching my  plays....its a butt pucker every day,but if i want to stay in achome and not be a bridge troll i must do this...hell im Werkin  again...lol...keeps me sharp im thikin....ya got to be cateful with analysts  and trolls on the internet for sure.

On the airlines...thats a long long term investment...if the oracle of omaha sells all of his billions  of airline stocks and sez it was bad mistake to own em...thats good enough for me...  stay away from financials  oil/gas   and cruis lines too...well if ur young and maje it a long term deal...then maybe

My strong suit is tech and chip stocks..AMD is one of my core stocks...when it pulls back to the high 40,s ... if it does..thats when u buy...MU low 40s...been trsding this since it was 27...2 yrs ago.....zm ...gotta wait for dip...its a boy dog...always AAPL...but all of these too pricey this day...heres one DBX   drop box good earnings report last friday and just now on the move...BMY   crushed earnings and now just moving...so there are some plays.....  wash


Edited by washguy
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I invest in brass, lead, primers, copper, and powder. 

When it's all said and done, and the end is near... I have WAY MORE than you, for anything than your bank statements say about you. You can tell me anything you want about you, and what you're "worth."  Once all your shiit is frozen, and banks are done - what you say you have, vs. what I do have, right now, in my hands...  Is the Rule Of Law. 

I own the land.

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Yeah, the market can be a hell of a roller coaster at times. I think I originally took about a 40% + hit at first. But that was mainly in my individual brokerage account. It's still running about 30 K lighter (at today's close) than it was. My retirement accounts and my 401K, I run a lot more conservative. Granted they still took a hit. But everything did as all of this first unraveled.

I can't play in the day trading arena. I can't stay on top of it throughout the workday to do that. Like Wash was saying, you've got to stay (literally) on top of that all day long. From the opening bell, to the close. Actually it extends well before and after the market closes these days. Has for quite some time. But these days, individual investors are getting access to more and more features of the market.

Overall, I've had a good couple of (outta the park) winners, and MORE than my share of losers (ask me about offshore drilling sometime).

Throw your ideas out anytime Wash. I'll listen. I'm kind of a market junkie. From the moment I get home in the afternoon, that's all I really concentrate on until the close.

I've been dipping my toe into FedEx lately. Started when they were in the 130's. Bought a little more as they were pushed into the low teens to single digit 100's. Had to dive in even more when they got shoved down to the low 90's for that day or so. I was using some of the dough that I made off a sweet buyout late last year of a company that was called Cypress Semiconductor. They got bought by a German chipmaker. I think I came out of that one as being up about 350% overall

The COMPLETE opposite of that offshore driller that I referred too earlier. That one was a 100% loss when it was finally over. A HARD 10 K lesson learned.  :lmao:

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