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My last Elk


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Day two,

Ok I left the Elk on day one going to their bedding grounds, so i thought they would reverse their pattern the next day... HA I was wrong. they stayed around that ridge and the bulls split the herd into two groups I finally found one of them and it had the spike with the fork in it I hiked down a ridge to get to him only to find him 300 yard from where he had last been... so my shot was 400 yards I got prone got the cross hairs on him and started squeezing and bam a cow came by and away he went after her Crap! I saw him from time to time in the timber but no other shot came up so It won't happen on this day.

Day Three looked till noon no find em...... it was a bust.

Day four ,took a different approach tried glassing from a mountain up higher on the way in saw a spike before I could get the rig stopped he boogied. saw a big nice mature mulie passed him so i could keep looking for elk  drove to another perch to glass the country I had been hunting and saw another spike at 560 yards to far for my carbine  but watched him till he got in a better place went down the mountain and was watching him when BOOM! a rifle goes off from below us. Well their is no roads below us till you get to the river and that road is on the other side of the river WTF! so the spike I was watching took off running and was gone FUK! so the day was bust but i wanted to know where the hell these guys came from...

      so got in the rig drove 10 miles back to the river crossed and drove ten miles up river and found 2 pickups parked on a turnout and looked across the river and their were two kayaks.. well crap someone has found my hidey hole ok at this point I am frustrated.. taking a couple days off...and my step dads cancer has come back with a vengeance his only hope is to take his arm off , but I am not sure they will operate because of COPD and he can hardly walk or breath he is on oxygen.. so this is going to play out as well.... to be continued.

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Damn man. Sorry to hear all of that.  The hidey hole is a bummer, but I’m sorry to hear about the trouble with your dad. He’s right up there on the top of the prayer list and we’ll hope for more miracles to come. 

Edited by DNP
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5 hours ago, sketch said:

Don't  stop  being  you brother. @Magwa 

Much love to you and your family. 

Trying not to.. thanks

So this is what it looks like after two operations and 2 and 1/2 years of radiation and everything associated with it I feel bad for him he will be 94 this Friday and all he wants to do is work in his wood shop and make sawdust Oh my the world gets to be a different place as we age. All I want to do is get to a shoot either spring or fall I want to do it while I am relatively young like Elk hunting not going to happen today....

  That is his wrist underside he now has 6 of those growing at a unbelievable rate he is a 30 year warrant officer Army man and tough as they come...


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Last years Elk may well be my last, I started out this year trying to build up some momentum to get out there and get it done but I ran out of steam my heart just is not in it, I have to either find easier elk or seriously try to get back into mountain shape because frankly is is getting really hard...I think maybe when all the smoke clears from the folks I can reassess but right now it just is not there ...

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There are times that family matters take precedence over the rest of life.  Your mind and, consequently, your body are rightfully distracted from the hunt.  You will have other opportunities to do the hunt you love.  Spend the time you can with your mom and stepdad.

Edited by Armed Eye Doc
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