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Scope placement


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Thanks to @98Z5V I fixed the way my scope was mounted, I flipped it around and ensured that the rifle and scope were level as I was tightening it down and afterwards also.  One question as I am new to scopes is were to place it, i got that you need to place the mount on the receiver  but I need to know how far forward or back does it need to go from where it is in the picture?


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Very good question that few people ask. The answer isn’t so simple though. this comes down to personal preference and the eye relief of your optic. what is comfortable with how you normally hold your cheek against your stock while seeing the whole view inside your scope.

Based on your picture, that is looking pretty good for my preference. My shooting style is more of a squared off tactical shooting style. I usually index my big ass nose on the tip of my charging handle. This position leads me to lean forward more and bringing the rifle into my body more affectively, which in turn helps me to control recoil and muzzle rise for faster follow up shots.

More of a precision off hand shooting technique you might want a different placement for the scope. That’s why it comes down to comfort of how you hold your firearm paired with the right distance for the scope’s eye relief that allows you to take advantage of the whole field of view within the optic. 

Start where it is at and play with the placement in your normal and comfortable shooting position before sighting in the scope.

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The eye relief for the Strike Eagle is 3.5", I'd place a strip of painters tape along top of stock and make a mark 3.5" from scope then shoulder rifle and have someone make a mark where eye is. Now move scope forwards or backwards to get 3.5" distance.

This gets you in the ball park and some minor fine tuning will get it exactly right for you.

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That would be way far forward when the stock is extended for me.  mine sticks past the lower receiver a couple inches. with that short scope you would have to remove that rear sight and move the mount back to do it. but what ever is comfortable for you and should have it where you can put the gun up quick and not have to search for eye relief or find  focus on the target.

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As you can see @AzRon it is different for each person. All my scopes are in front of my charging handles while Belt Fed has his behind his charging handles. My guess is there is a difference in body size also as I am just 5’8” on a good day. 

one thing I like about my scopes being forward of the charging handle is I can comfortably grab both sides without worrying about bashing my knuckles against my scope or needing a fancy charging handle. 

and I never shoot with my rifle stock fully extended because of my body size, usually  about halfway out, give or take a click depending on clothing and gear I am wearing.

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3 hours ago, ARTrooper said:


As you can see @AzRon it is different for each person.  

.....and possibly the same for different people.  At 6'6" I would have no problem shooting @ARTrooper's rifle with the stock fully extended.  Every one of my rifles has the scope in almost that exact same position for the same exact reasons.



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If it's a modern variable power optic, most companies build it with the eye relief around 3.5" from the end of the scope.   I initially set all mine up so the end of the scope (eyepiece) is right at the end of the upper receiver.  Works for me, whether on a collapsible stock, or a fixed stock. 

Setting one of these up, sight in on something 100 yards away, highest power, and set the parallax setting to 100 yards.  THEN, you adjust the focus on the scope.  This "zero's" your parallax knob, so it's accurate at it's other settings.  Density Altitude plays a big role in how accurate it is, but it'll be pretty good for the most part. 



Another example - 6 ARC on top, .224 Valk on bottom:


Edited by 98Z5V
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2 hours ago, AzRon said:

Thank you @ARTrooper and everyone else for the tips on placement.   @98Z5V not sure that my scope has the Paralex knob or not I'm not sure.

You are welcome, that is what we are here for. And it is refreshing to have a question that hasn’t been asked and answered 20 times in the past year or two that people could find using the search function. Also good for some people without the shooting or tactical experience that may be afraid to ask for fear of sounding stupid. 

Glad to have you here @AzRon and I hope you continue to grow as a shooter and as you assemble accessories and rifles.

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21 hours ago, 98Z5V said:

Oh, he's gonna get some - he knows that he has to come shoot with me now...   :banana:


13 hours ago, AzRon said:


From one Ron to another.........

Careful there my man. That's how he baits you in. Then he sets the hook, and it's game over. :laffs:

That's why I've been coming out there for years for the fall shoot (except for the last one).

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8 hours ago, 98Z5V said:

Hey, hey - all I did was get a (small) group of friends together to shoot, when they were on vacation.  Then, it turned into something else.  I feel like a victim, here, of slanderous words...   :thefinger:

😭😭   🤣

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On 9/28/2021 at 2:03 PM, wolf001 said:

The positioning of the scope depends a lot on the weapon. There are different models where the scope needs to be further forward or further back.

Not on ARs - Large Frame or Small Frame.  Because, they both use the same recoil-system dimensions, and have the same lengths of pull...  

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