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You guys who like to shoot .22 and might be bored


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Us .22 shooters are a funny bunch.

Almost to a person, we started shooting with them and then moved up to "serious calibers" and "serious guns", only to rediscover that .22s are what it is all about...fun, family, friends, shooting, and skills!

I've had numerous students take classes with their "proper" guns, shoot .22s with the non-owner students, then go out and buy a new .22 in a couple of weeks.

Don't lose the mystery!


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Added tactical22.net to my reading list. 

Ammo feed thread for the 22LR:  My 10/22 had a lot of feed problems until I washed/seasoned the whole thing with Mobil One Full Synthetic & Kroil oil.  No problems since with any ammo.  And fewer misfires.

If anyone reading this knows of,  or ever hears of,  an aftermarket bolt for the 10/22 that has (a) double impact firing pin(s),  please post an advisory.  All 22LR misfires work the second time when rotated any at all in this rifle.  (I just toss them back into the magazine and run all the misfires again together at the end of the shooting session;  it has worked fine.)

For comparison,  my overage Hi-Standard Model HB would fire most rounds of most brands of 22 LR when I first acquired it;  now I get a high percentage of misfires and many of those can stand being tried several times so there are as many as a half-dozen dents around the rims of some FTF cartridges.  This little pistol has had a minor rebuild by a good gunsmith.  I would think that the spec springs are not up to contemporary ammo.  I keep it for sentiment:  it is the first gun I ever owned (bought very used).

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I lost all track of what I was actually stuffing in the 10/22. 

The bricks are mostly Winchester (?) in a whitish box or whatever else I came/come across that appears to be on sale.  There are a half-dozen or more brands floating around in my ammo storage in bullet styles of 36 and 40 grains,  round nose and HP,  many velocity ratings.  My best groups,  about an inch (or maybe a bit less) at 50 yds,  are with "Winchester Super X round nose 1300 FPS."  Early-on with the 10/22 I was getting FTF rates of one in ten or 12-14/100.  Almost all of these fired the second time around.  My best recollection of the last time I took the 10/22 to the range was of one to three FTF's all day. 

The pistol still has a one in three to one in five FTF rate and there is little gain in running these through a second time.  They usually do fire if put into the rifle the second time.

If you are experiencing a lot of FTF in 22LR,  I can only suggest to use your best judgement and maybe try running them through a second or even third time.  Maybe I am just not sufficiently afraid of the little 22's when they misfire?

These days I am shooting from a bench and I eject the FTF's onto the bench top.  I consider that they are constructed differently from big centerfire primed cartridges and would fire if there was primer compound in the fold of metal.  They get a 10-20 second delay and then a second chance to ignite from the shock of bouncing on the wood bench if they are hanging fire,  but there has never been a delayed ignition in my shooting of 22LR.  I have been cut up and bleeding way too often when working on machinery and the machinery was coated with unhealthy crud and the attitude all around was 'get the work done.'  I am wearing safety glasses when shooting and if it ever comes down to that,  can pull brass fragments out of my skin and deal with minor burns.  I get much more concerned about misfires with centerfire cartridges,  but so far have only experienced one of those once or twice and too long ago to really remember.  Except--  One Fail to Fire in 308,  with a dimple in the primer,  turned out that the primer did fire--  there was no powder in the case.  A bullet design that I do not use for reloading so it was a factory round.  I still do recall giving that one a lot of time and care even when I finally pulled the bullet to see what I could see.

I may have some Remington 22LR brick ammo down in and under the ammo supply.  Maybe that was what was giving me the most problems.  My ammo came mostly from Wal-Mart on sale back when and I am aware that the local Wal-Marts cull merchandise that customers do not like or otherwise experience problems with.  So now I still pick up some ammo at Wal-Mart because it usually is cheaper there for the same brands.  Wal-Mart has usually been sold out of everything since Mr Obama began his tour.  My other sources have been CTD and Cabela's when I had reason to go near where they are in Ft Worth.  Now I have both and some more much too close at hand for my wallet to ever feel comfortable.

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I won't buy the Winchester .22LR either.

Had a student with some get a case head blown out.  I carefully examined all the other cases and the one that blew out, and one other had tiny nicks (maybe .008") on the rim, same shape exactly.

Contacted Olin with the lot information, photos, etc., no reply back.  I've since talked with others that had the exact same thing happen.


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A new .22 rifle:

If you remember the quintessential Russian sub-machine gun,  WW-2 through Korea and some Viet Nam,  the PPh41,  small sub-machine gun with a perforated pipe over the barrel and a big drum magazine?  Used extensively in WW-2 on the Eastern Front by the Red Army and the Wehrmacht,  chambered originally in 7.62x25 Tokarev ??

Now you can buy one in 22LR.  Mitchell's Mausers is making a copy with 50 round drum magazine or 10 & 30 round clips.  List is around $650+ or win the one "Guns" (April 2012 issue) is giving away.

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I have a Browning camper 22 that I used to,teach kids and wife to shoot with. My GSG 5 looks just like a MP5 I added a Burris fast fire red dot it is so much fun to pick off rodents. The girls love to shoot it. My mistake was showing them the DD M4 now I think that like as much.

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I've done several of the Appleseed marksmanship weekends - and the .22 is the preferred training tool there.  My Liberty Training Rifle is a Ruger 10/22 with Tech-Sights (military style peep sights), and the auto bolt release modification.  In practice, this makes it handle very similarly to the M14 platform, and I was able to get my Rifleman patch with it.




This last weekend my GF and I shot an Appleseed using ARs with .22 uppers.  Graet fun!

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