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You guys who like to shoot .22 and might be bored


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I picked up a newer Remington 597, & even a couple of the 30 round magazines. I have read a lot of older bad reviews of this gun (after my purchase of course). Honestly can tell you I have never had a feed problem out of it. I liked it so much it led me to look at Bushmaster and finally my new 308 ORC. Which I love too but shoot the 22 more to save $ on ammo mostly. The 308 is more FUN to blast, I mean shoot. LOL

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I will have to put that on my list. I have heard so much about that. I ALWAYS research computer parts and electronic stuff before I buy, even my vehicles, but I sure did not dig enough before I got my 22. Thankfully I did some before I got my 308, no regrets there.

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Like others have posted, I started with .22's.

I got my first non-airgun at age 9, the 'family hand-me-down', a Remington 550-1.

Still have it.  :)

The first gun I paid for myself was a Squires-Bingham(Armscor) M-16. My dad had to actually buy it for me. :P Still have it.

The first gun I bought for myself after I turned 18 was a Ruger 10/22. Still have it.

The first internet gun board I was ever on was at Rockin' Rimfires(the posting forum is long gone) and then on to rimfirecentral.com

And a picture of my custom ruger 22/45 mkII.


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I've shot more .22lr rounds since I got my hands on my first suppressor than I did when I was growing up.  I spent more on extra magazines for the Walther P-22 than I did for the pistol; so I wouldn't have to reload them at the range and just keep shooting. 

I've found that CCI Blazer is a pretty good cartridge.  It is subsonic when shot through the pistol, very reliable in a Ceiner AR-15 conversion, and lastly very consistant when I shoot in the local summer biathlon with a Winchester Model 69.  Plus they are inexpensive.

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We have a veritable arsenal of .22s, as they are best to teach with.  And they are addicting!

Classes usually go from .22s up to the centerfires, and then students ask "Can I shoot the .22 ______ again?"  <thumbsup>

Some of the funnest times I've had have been with .22s of all sorts.


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Have my share of 22's and just ordered a Chipiwa Ar 22 upper. Always had a Ceineir bolt for my Colt but never shot it. Have several custom 10/22s, one in 17 mach2...wish they'd do up a 17hmr. Have one of the amt stainless folding stock lightenings and also the amt long barrel pistol. I also bought a Remy 597 with bull barrel and laminated stock. Shoots well.

Now where is all that 22 ammo gone!

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Watch out for Winchester 22 LR ammo....Recall in Effect. GD 42L and 52L lots.


Hadn't heard of that until you mentioned it - good info. 


Like we can even FIND some M22, though - man, I haven't seen that stuff on the shelves since last Jan.  I wish I could find it, but when I do I'll be looking for those lots and stay away.  <thumbsup>


Here's the Winchester info on it, for others:


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I have my first.22 a Remington 550 semi-auto that shoots shorts,longs, and long rifles in any mixture. Probably has 10K rounds thru it. It has a floating chamber just a bit longer than a .22 short case . Winchester .22 long rifle shells will fire but the soft brass case will bulge between the front of the floating chamber and fail to eject. The rifle has to be disassembled and the case cut off. Remington and CCI cases are harder brass and don't ever jam. Now If I buy Winchester.22 I only buy shorts. I have never had a fail to fire in any of my.22 rimfires with Remington and CCI. I Also HAVE Ruger .22 semiautomatic pistol 10-22, a Colt frontier scout, a Ansultz 64, a Winchester 53 Marlin 39, high standard 9 shot revolver my 4 children all grew up shooting these after starting on Daisy BB Guns and an old Stevens .22 single shot bolt action.

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