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Shootings in LA - Cop getting revenge


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All over the news today.  US Navy Reservist, LAPD LEO.  Fired in 2008 or 2009.  He's going after the crooked cops that he turned in (what led to his firing).  Interesting, yet disturbing, poop.


He published a pretty length manifesto to Facebook, before he took off on the murder mission.  The whole thing is right here:


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I have ZERO inside information on this, but I speculate there is only half truth being spouted.

From the sounds of his own "manifesto" he was fired for purgery under oath, which is an instant career killer. I have seen it happen first hand. I don't know the situation (beyond what I read in his writing) but that is the feeling I am getting from his text.

The stuff he wrote is scarey as all get-out. This is some Ted Kaczynski shit, and LAPD is the focus.

If they took motors off their bikes, it is to supplement patrol, not because they are higher targets. That's common practice with all kinds of situations. We went almost 6 months with almost no motor cops on the streets as patrol had so many vacancies.

This is not going to come to a peaceful resolution, and I fear the extent of additional bloodshed.

Don't be surprised if those Obummer drones get relocated over SoCal soil. I wouldn't shed a tear if this maniac was reduced to nothing more than a hot spot on a satellite camera.

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Yaaaa... I need to get my good name back, and I think 1st degree murder is just the way to do it. I don't give a poop what he said in his rant, you just lost me. Sad thing is is that I could see what he said as true. I mean it's plausible... but where he started, and where he ended... no, that guy has a screw loose.

But hey, he writes excellent reports, so he must be telling the truth.  :cookoo:

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It's the same department Ronnie Barrett gave the finger to.

Can you imagine if they opened up on that poor guy with one of Barrett's products?

Mr. Robobot, do you know where I can find and read a copy of that guys statement he wrote?

I read that he's a fan of Michelle Obama. If that's true then he really is nuts. But the way those people are handling the hunt for him really makes you wonder about what drive him to go on a rampage in the first place.

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Wow thought I would never see a modern day shoot first ask later by the police these clowns need to be fired and the dept. as whole needs to investigated on procedure violations and supervision of the whole mess. I mean really a white guy in the wrong color truck and not even the same make. I guess I know how Frankenstein got reelected now :cookoo:

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This one smells funny to me, especially once you read the manifesto. Am I the only one who thinks it's strange that a sore loser psychopath like this would have to presence of mind to include the trust route for legally obtaining NFA items in a document that he knows will be at the center of national media attention?

Why the timing of this incident now? Has his plan for revenge really had to wait until now? I don't know, but people need to look a lot deeper than what the MSM is selling us.

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I believe it's happening. I believe he went nuts. I believe he wrote most of his manifesto.

I also think that if he had a group of people who were really trying to screw him...that they are capable of making his manifesto say whatever they want it to. He's worried about his name and what people think of him.....watch this. Just to piss him off, let's say he loves the liberal politicians and celebs, gay community and gun control.

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Well, what ever he was before, now he is a 1st degree murderer. He deserves what he gets. I'm just curious if he goes out in a hail of bullets, or he wants to inflict damage and then surrender. He knows he will get to plead his case in the media for the next 4 years.... if he actually wants to plead his case. He seems like he really likes to argue and is quite full of himself.

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We still have the death penalty, in fact last year we defeated a bill to remove it. Strange....apparently enough of us are for it, yet the last execution was 2006. We have over 700 people on "death row" or so they say, but some judge was unhappy with the way we were killing them. I guess it wasn't humane enough. I say they should die in a fashion at least ten times worse than the way the earned it.

My state is so effed up. I need to move, but I can't afford to leave.

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