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Official 98Z5V Needs This Thread


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Is that 4X4 ? What year?


Yes it is 4 wheel drive and is a 72.  I have big plans for it, we'll see what happens after I get a freaking house bought. 


Sorry Tom didn't mean to entice you with more goodies <lmao>


Thanks everyone.  I enjoy it, this is the 2nd I've owned.  The first one I had in HS and what a perfect truck for a highschooler, I put that one through the ringer and was a 3rd generation owner.  My son wants this one.  We'll see if he gets this one or if I buy him another one.

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It's gas...still has the original 345 in it.  All stock motor with the exception of the carb and intake (Holley 4 barrel on it).  Between the 33 gallon tank, the motor, its 10 gallon to the mile fuel mileage and gas being over 4 bucks a gallon out here it doesn't get driven very often. 


Future plans entail 8 lug axles, 37"s on beadlocks, 3 link front and 4 link rear, big Chevy motor, NV4500 trans, Atlas II transfer and a little body work (got some rust that needs help).  Like I said those are plans, lets see what the budget says (e.g. wife).  My son wants it and if I put that kind of money into it I might have to buy another and do a small build on it for him.  They're easy to come by in SoCal

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Truck looks good brother. <thumbsup>

Thanks brother...I dig it.  Could use a little love and the wife despises the color.  First thing she wanted me to do after I bought it was get it painted...LOL!  Told me she didn't want that "ugly thing" parked in front of her house...so I pulled it in the drive way!

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I'm a Ford guy at heart and if they're set ups weren't driver side drop on 4 wheel drives I'd love to try and stuff one of their turbo diesels under the hood.  Novak Machine makes an adapter that'll mate an Allison transmission to a Cummins diesel and I've considered that.  I'm just not sure I want to invest the money in to R&D to get the darn thing to fit, if it even will. 


I met another Scouter who had two of the old Nissan diesel motors (the engines the diesel Scouts came with) for sale, but his prices were as bad a PMAG prices right now. 


Diesel would probably be the way to go, you can tune them for a multitude of things and get great gas mileage out of them.  A LS7 motor could be a lot of fun too.  I came across a CTS-V motor with a supercharger the other day that could be awesome under the hood.


Sorry 98 didn't mean to hijack your thread!

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Trust me, of all the people in this world, he'd be the last to hold it against you.... unless he sees you as a competitor in the thread-jacking business... <laughs>

That's the straight truth, right there - there's no way in the world I could ever hold a thread-jack against someone.


That "throwing stones when you live in a glass house" stuff, 100 percent and then some...  <lmao>  

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I was out at the Hangtown motoX races. Met a guy showing his sand rail. He was running an LS7 motor (from a Z06) in there at around 600hp. The effin beast had over 40" of travel at each wheel.

I took his word for it. That machine was monstrous.

There are some sand rails out there with some "crazy" mods to them.  I don't want or need 40" of travel. I'd take the 600 horses and nothing would make me laugh harder than smoking some of these yuppies out here in a big 'ol 4 wheel drive. 

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You and I...  we think alike, my brother.   If the others only knew...  <thumbsup>


On the same note, I'd take one of Robby Gordon's junk trucks, too - the ones he throws away for dune trips...


The BIG one...






Don't want one of his stadium trucks, though - too nice...


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That is a beast!!!! Fuk yea!!!

Hell yeah it is, I'd love to drive one just once...




Closest rifle case I've seen to my King case.


The only review on this states it WILL hold .308 FAL mags!  Mine will too!



Shoot, that's a really good price.  I was looking at a similar bag in a local store last night and they wanted 185 for it.  I can't remember who in the world made it though.  Looked just like the bags our snipers carry (I know that doesn't tell anyone anything...LOL)

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