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2nd time shooting the new gun, and recoil suggestions


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Today was my 2nd outing with my LR .308.  I started to experience ejection problems after the 1st couple rounds that steadily progressed into no ejection at all.  When I got the rifle home I noticed some powder residue around the gas block.  Upon inspection the gas block was loose and had moved forward druing the hand full of rounds I put through the gun this morning.  I put everything back in place and tightened all bolts  Hopefully it will perform better on my next outing.  (see my previous posts for a history on this build)


On a positive side, I was able to sight the rifle in at 100 yards.  The final grouping was about 3 inches on 3-5 shots after I got everything adjusted.  This is with an inexperienced shooter (me).


Finally, I'm debating on recoil devices.  I've done some research on Muzzle Breaks, hydraulic springs and buffers, and heavy buffer/spring combos.  The rifle packs a punch, but I don't know if the draw backs of each device are worth the reduced recoil.  The heavy buffer appears to be fairly heavy.  The rifle already weighs 10lbs and I don't know if this is the route that I want to take.  I researched several break/compensator devices, and I'm concerned with the increased noise for bystanders and/or blow back towards the shooter.  I use the rifle for fun and might take it hunting at some point.  Real world experiences appreciated. 





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Well, I use the AAC Brakes on all of my 10's. No problem with blowback to the shooter. But damn! You don't wanna be sittin directly beside someone running one. Example. My son and I were blasting one morning. On the shooting bench next to us (where we had other rifles sitting), I had a typlical plastic water bottle about a 1/3 full. The bottle was approximately 5 feet away. The blast from the brake kept knocking the bottle over.


Yet another reason why I try to take a bench as far away from anybody else that I can.


Granted, this was from a 16" carbine. But it wasn't much different through the 20" SASS. The reduction in recoil though is highly noticable.

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Muzzle breaks work well, but ^^^ is one side affect - side shock wave, the other is they tend to be a bit noisy. But I would still recommend one. The other thing would be a heavy buffer from Heavybuffers.com. While it seems like it would be a lot of felt weight, they really do reduce the felt affect of recoil, by a lot, and they balance out the heavy front end nicely in my opinion.

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Mine is a tad over 8 lbs 16 inch barrel and to me it hardly kicks at all i shoot mainly 145 to 150 grain bullets but it still is a light kicker and I use a M4 stock I guess after shooting 7mmSTW with 83 grains of H1000 they all feel like 22's

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Damn fine car........and I too did not mean you are less than manly, I just never though that the 308 in a AR platform was a hard kicker but i have owned some that are like a ruger #1 in 458 crap that thing hurt.... but i love that car....

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Thanks for the input on the gun and compliments on the old hot rod.  I didn't take offense, just trying to be a little funny.  :D


You guys hit the nail on the head!  I haven't fired many modern center fire rifles.  All of my previous firearms are older family heirloom hunting rifles, shot guns, and hand guns.  I always wanted an AR-type rifle, and got motivated with the recent political climate to build one. 

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You will be happy with what the heavier buffer does for you, hope you got the spring as well. Nice Charger…. 440 six pack? Hemi? I want details, I'm a whore this way..

Yes, I ordered the buffer and spring.  The gun is all cleaned up and ready for next week!

This is where I noticed the powder residue:


I removed the hand guard and had to slide the gas block down about .25 inch an re-tighten the set screws:



Ready for next week:




The car is a 1969 Charger that I've had since 1990.  It's been through a lot of different stages and currently runs mid 10's with a very old 440:

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