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Lone Star College mass attack


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There was another mass attack at Lone Star College this morning.  14 seriously injured, numerous life-flighted.


They were stabbed.  Initial police reports say that some said it was a pencil, some say it was an exacto knife (or type). 


I feel sorry for the victims and families, but I can't help to wonder where this will go.  Politicians don't have any "assault weapons" to scream about or point out, so I wonder how long it will take for their response, and what it will be.


Initial details:



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In his glove box........

It will be ignored just like all the CCW holders who stop crimes

Not all CCW holders are ignored. Especially when the media can spin it into a hate crime (George Zimmerman).


I'm sure they're gonna find a large capactiy pocket protector on the attacker and he changed pencils frequently.

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Well, for the nay-sayers in this thread, that haven't kept up with this story - it wasn't a pencil.


Dylan Quick is the name of the motherfucker that did this, so Google up, find details, and figure it out.


Tell me this...  How will the current crop of legislators spin this one?  Figure out something that you think will happen, and be a prophet - announce it.  Don't let this thread go to poop with bullpoopy comments...  Use that brain-pan that you have. 

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Nobody so far has mentioned the "stuffed monkey puppet" the motherfucker carrier around, and freaked people out with, on campus.


You guys aren't digging into this one at all.


Go find details, and talk about it - you didn't even mention that, Jon.  Come on, man.

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I'm sticking with my story. Betting it turns up that he failed a background check and was denied a firearm. "Look at all the live we saved"

Totally not true...but bound to be the story.

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Ok in all seriousness  could this be a direct action taken by a nutcase to prove a point? that point being you don't have to have a gun? It seems in this world gone mad that people will do anything ....


If it proves out to be that way, THEN the media will run the story incessantly, talking about crazy people...especially veterans...and how nobody needs guns.


There was a case in the Tucson area back in the 1990s.  Initial reports were that a gangbanger had shot a teacher.  First he was black, then mexican.


Then it came out the teacher had shot herself...to show her students how bad guns are and why we need to ban them.



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