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I will try to make this short I have a DPMS G2 SASS i've shot three different rounds through it and all the rounds are cratering on the primers. It appears to me the whole where the firing pin comes through on the bolt is excessive and it's letting the metal of the firing pin come back and creating a crater. Any suggestions

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I know you said three different rounds, but are they commercial/off the shelf, or reloads? Just trying to get an idea of cartridge power.

Cratering is usually a good sign of over pressure, but an enlarged firing pin hole or thin firing pin can also be the culprit. How does the tip of the firing pin look?

Pictures are worth 1,000 words.

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The rounds are off-the-shelf HSM168 GR HP BT they are all store-bought i can't seem to send a picture I tried. I'm doing this off my cell phone I don't have a computer and shot three rounds from a Vietnam vet that he hand loaded they cratered also. Firing pin looks just great I rolled it on a glass counter it's not bent

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I just talk to tech-support at DPMS and he said there is nothing wrong with my gun. He said it supposed to do that I just don't think that's right I really want you to see a picture of this I have it in my phone and I can't seem to send it to you can I send it to you through Facebook

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The top ones are handloads from a Vietnam vet they are a little hot the middle ones are 168 grain boattail hollow points made in Missoula Montana the bottom ones PPU their regular store-bought shells I don't know why I think there's something wrong with the bolt face where the firing pin comes through the bolt. The hole in the bolt for firing pin seems to be excessive

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  This is the new pattern DPMS rifle ?   Looks like primer material is flowing into firing pin hole , on cartridge ignition. Too much clearance in bolt face for firing pin ?  This is a new beast from DPMS & who knows what or how they made it , to do what ever it does . There will be problems with some rifles from this new design , I would think, not sure you have a problem , if this is what they expect from this new design.  

  And they say this in normal ?


  Top ones in the photo are hand loads ? He did a fine job of lacquering the primers .

I would think the middle ones are hand loads ,because of the silver primers & lack of sealant , but I have seen some factory ammo with silver primers .

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