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Hi, Y'all, from the hills of Tennessee


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So there I was, just a mindin' my own business in my local gunstore when this here  masked guy walks in holdin' a 'Possum by the scruff of the neck and threatenin' to do the pore thang in if'n I didn't plop down some money and buy me wun-a-them funny lookin' AR guns.  Well shoot fire fuzzy, I couldn't let him do unspeaksble things to that pore critter so I dun whut he said an bought me a DPMS Oricle .308.  Saved the 'Possum but my wife thought the ransom was a mite high! (That's my story and I'm stickin to it!)


Recently built my retirement home in Beautiful Downtown Hilham, TN and moved up from Atlanta (talk about culture shock!).  I've been a fan of AR's for years and wanted a .308 to go with my bolt gun but then realized that I needed to find a site where my sheer stupidity would mostly be overlooked and I could find out what I needed to know to get the most out of the new weapon.  Spent 27 years in Uncle Sam's Greater U.S. Canoe Club, the last 17 in Small Boat Units so I'm familiar with the M-16 A-1 and A-2, M-60, SAW, and Ma Duce.  Found this site from Yahoo's search page and immediately Bookmarked it.  Looking forward to pickin' your brains.  Y'all come on over an set a spell.

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Robocop, too late! Already set up a Brownell's account for all the other toy's, just hoping the wife doesn't notice that this one is more expensive to play with!


I was okay…when everything had a lever.  Then Marlin came out with the 1894CSS.  Then I got the 308AR bug.


Pretty sure wifey thought I had an invisible diesel, as UPS would get here with ammo right before she got home and flood the carport with a cloud of black smoke.


Time span seems to be about 5 months to a year, then she asks "When did we get that one?"  "This ol' thang? We've had this for, well, I'm not sure how long.  Remember when we took it to the range?"

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Welcome from Texas, I'm new too on this forum but these guys make a fellar feel welcome....and that new trigger Easy is speaking of I ha have my eyes on and wallet aimed at as well....that is if it's the

Tac-Con.....supposed to be out in December....thanks fer yer service one Nav Vet to another.

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