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I Need $100 Knife


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I just spent a few days doing some knife shopping....and Amazon has some nice deals. With $100 here is what I would do.

Gerber LMF for about $60. Pretty nice fixed blade.

Kershaw speedsafe. There are a few different models on Amazon right now for about $20. Both are quality and well under msrp. Would make a very nice little package deal. I'll post links if you can't find them...but i'm typing this sitting at a red light at the moment :)

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Cabelas had great deals on ka-bAR last week. Not sure if it's still going. The traditional knife was about $40 and the exquisite Becker b16 was only $47 with free shipping. One of each would make a damn fine gift.

Lol...I turned into a knife nerd overnight. One more thing to start spending money on.

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Was at BassPro Shop Saturday saw some nice knives... But I don't know what your tastes are they have a very good selection !

Drew there is always late night info-mercials on tv . Couple on knife salesman who will sale you anythingand toss in a Samari sword just for you ! Those Samari swords never run out of bullets.

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Kershaw Blur is a great pocket knife.

Benchmade Griptillian or Rift if you can find them on sale. My rift was $116 after shipping and has really taken some abuse at work.

ZT121 for a fixed blade if you find one on sale, mine was also right around the $100 mark on sale when I got it.


Our daughter picked a mini or jr Griptillian (pink) for her first tactical knife.  It was $80, the full-size wasn't too much more.

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I had an Ignitor for awhile…nice size, compact handle for the blade size.


Traded it out for the two Schrade 4"-ers that are my EDC.

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Have had a kershaw whirlwind for over 10 years the same one as my friend. He busted the tip off and it was replaced for free and fully referbished like new!!! Word to the wise I got my first 8 stitches with a half serrated blade!!

Yea them bastards jump out and bite

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My vet friend found a 200$ bench made in a parking lot and sent it in with an email that he had not purchased but found it and they also made it 100% new for free!! I feel for the guy who lost it but finders keepers! :)

I lost my first benchmade 2 months after I bought it. Hadn't used it yet. Fell out of my pocket crawling an attic. It was a really nice auto too. Oh well. Knives and sunglasses, I just can't seem to keep them forever.

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I've researched, "found" and purchased several EDC knives in the last year. I really like the Spyderco Mannix 2 lightweight. It's really light, full flat grind is exceptionally sharp and the ball bearing lockup is solid. Also, the Cold Steel Mini Recon 1 is a great choice. The tri-ad lock can't be beat. Both have great grippy handles and are much less than $100. If you want something bigger, get the full sized CS Recon, or the CS Lawman. Both are excellent all 'round knives.

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