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Oh, I forgot to tell you all.............


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Sing Along...............................


So I went stumbling through the door of my local gun pusher (2 weeks ago). I was a man on a mission. I had a purpose. I had a specific goal in mind as I scanned the walls. He still has some decent stuff (that skirts the now socialist laws of my state). An Armalite SASS. Nice....but I already got 1 (2nd one in pieces). A SCAR heavy. Tempting......but I'm trying to stay focused. Nightforce.......some nice glass that he's got laying around (focus focus focus). Some heavy barreled AR-15's that don't look too shabby. Somehow, they're still transferable in my F-ed up state while all others aren't. And of course, the small compliment of class III full auto equipment, that he just loves to float out in front of me. A good selection of parts laying around, and blah, blah, blah. After all......I had an order to place.


Like I said. I was staying focused. Standing steady. Keeping my eye on the ball. I was going to keep everything to myself until zero hour came. And..............................IT HAS.


Well ladies.........it's here. My MRAD arrived today (in multi role brown....because that's how Tom would get it of course).


Times are good. Things are looking up. Stock market is up. Inflation is going down. Global warming is receding. Dogs and cats are getting along. The planets are all aligning. Traffic is being cancelled. The government is giving us all of our rights back (I know...just a dream). My vacation starts at the end of the day tomorrow. And.....did I say? MY MRAD IS HERE.


I'll be picking it up tomorrow afternoon..........and then the fun begins. I'll have 2 full weeks to play with it (naked of course while at home).


Pics to follow tomorrow evening probably.

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Hey, Hey, Hey! C'mon now. I said that I was picking it up tomorrow. I only kept the "order" part of it to myself. Just so you guys wouldn't bust my balls about it.


What am I saying? You guys are gonna bust my balls no matter what. Sheesh..................................brother can't get a break.

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I've been busy all day...sorry I took so long to get here. I was hoping this was the news you'd have when I clicked this one. I will load mags while you all shoot...no problem. I'm jealous. Almost makes me want to ditch the wife so I can look forward to the day I would have money for more guns!

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Look what I found on the way home today. And of course, I didn't make it outta there without self inflicting even more damage to the old bank account. But he had a brand spanking new Atlas bi-pod with the claw feet that just demanded to go onto this rifle. Yet another Grago soft bag that I didn't have a choice but to get. This thing comes in a Pelican case (as well as it should for the F-ing price), and that thing wouldn't fit in any of the gun-boxes. My only gripe (and it's totally trivial) is that it ships with an MOE grip on it. No problem though. That sum-bitch will be yanked off tonight, and a Hogue will take it's place. Luckily I have a handful of them in stock in the parts cabinet for other builds. Other than that.........this thing is sweet.


Now I just gotta figure out glass. More than likely, I'll go Night Force. Just not sure if I want another NXS (like I've got on the 10 SASS), or another model. Haven't made the decision yet. And I'm in no hurry to drop another 2 grand right now. <laughs>


Even worse......I'm already thinking of the AAC Titan that Barrett "suggests" for this beast.


I'll try and get better pics sometime soon. These were just with the phone. But it'll get everybody started.


Now........I'm off to play for a while.








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OK. I put the clothes back on for a couple minutes so you guys wouldn't feel all ooogy. I couldn't help myself, and wanted to get the look of glass on top of this thing. So I whipped out (scuse me while I whip this out) the NF NXS from my SASS. Just to see what she'll look like eventually.


Can you say tent pitching material?



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