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98's 300 AAC Blackout Dissipator


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FINALLY have this thing in a configuration that I can shoot!  Major parts were there a LONG time ago - over a year.  Picked up the PRI rail, and I can shoot it now.  It's still missing TWO parts - I need the full-length top rail and rear sight, both from PRI.  However, for now, I can take it out and shoot it.  FINALLY!  :banana:





Parts:  Mega billet lower, MagPul MOE+ grip, MOE rifle stock, KNS Precision turned lower parts kit with Armalite springs, Armalite 2-stage NM trigger (adjusted pretty light), BADASS (of course).  Upper is Aero Precision, BCM BCG, Gunfighter large latch CH, NEMO 16" carbine-gas 300BLK nitrided barrel, PRI rifle-length tube, PRI flip-up front sight, and Spike's DynaComp on the end.  Gasblock is Midwest Industries lo-pro, and some carbine gas tube I had in the parts box.  Warne Maxima steel QD rings with the Leupold Mark AR Mod 1 Firedot-G scope (1.5-4x20). 

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When are you going to shoot it ?




Looks good Tom. Josh is gonna want to shoot that for sure!


Then, it SHALL be present at the wedding.  <thumbsup>


Nice , let us know how she shoots . I' would like to know what you think of that Magpul stock .


SS, I'm REALLY liking this stock so far - I've had a year to handle the damn thing.  I think I'll like it shooting, especially with that scope setup.  I'll definitely give feedback, though, post-shoot.


  Looks GREAT!!!   How's it shoot? ???




I'll let ya know on SUNDAY!...  :banana:  I'm really curious to see how it functions, since it's carbine gas on a 16" 300BLK, with rifle buffer system.  That might be too much buffer weight... 


Wow, that is a sweet rifle! Isn't there supposed to be something else on the muzzle there though? I mean... it IS a 300 blackout right?


Yeah, this bastard will be a great host for the SDN-6, no doubt. 

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I fondled several of them, showing Dawn Marie the beauty of the 51T Brakeout, and those cans.  I even tried to apply my own rule of "If I Lick It, Then It Is MINE," but they STILL wouldn't let me have them...


Some HazMat Dude came along shortly and wiped them all down...  :'(

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This Sunday?


Yep, this Sunday at the Casa Grande range.  The 26th.


Awesome build. Thing looks wicked.


Thank ya, brother.  Can't wait to pick up the full top rail and rear site, and finally call it done.  I bought the damn barrel (and started all this) in October 2012.  Longest build I've ever done. 

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Shot it today - only 20 rounds.  Zero'd that Leupold pretty easy, gave the last 8 rounds to friends.  This thing is a HOOT to shoot!


I didn't know how well it would do with rifle buffer parts in it.  I shot 3 round mags, at a time.  The first two mags didn't lock back on the last round, and I was thinking "rifle buffer parts are a mistake on this gun."  3rd mag locked back, 4th mag locked back.  The other two guys shot 4rd mags each, and they locked back.


Just had to seal that gasblock up.  <thumbsup>

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All I've tried is subs out of mine so far (Rem 220's). I'm looking forward checking out some of the supersonic stuff. As soon as I can find some that is. 300 BLK around this area seems to be made out of that same material as that bipod you and DNP are trying to talk me into. Unobtanium.


Can't find 300 anywhere local.

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