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SL1 Sight light


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Won't it block a scope or sight when it's up on top? I guess it could be set up for lower 1/3 co-witness, but what about a magnified scope. That's a pretty large chunk of "front sight" when a scope is attached.


At $125 I should be selling these re-purposed bike lights. They come with strobe too!!!!  <laughs>  <lmao>


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Hose clamp and a 40 buck light work just fine and I can postion it anywhere on the handgaurd... :) total cost 41 bucks.... + batteries the Injun way...... :)


$40 light? I got my crap from walmart for less than half of that  and it came with a red blinker too!! LOL

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LINK PLEASE!!!!!!! <thumbsup>


Either one of these!






Two brightness settings plus strobe! Bright enough to annoy the wife ("stop blinding me!!") so it's bright enough. :D


Put it on a 30mm ring just for sh*ts and giggles and it fit nicely!  <lmao>  <laughs>




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I bought a bayco tac-200 for $20 shipped with CR123 s included at botach tactical. came with 2 tail caps. A button, and a tape switch. seems to work just fine. pretty bright. been carrying it on my night job since the batteries died in my costco light a few Weeks ago :P


might be junk. was $20 shipped so worth a shot.

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I've bought 6 or 7 of these in the last couple of years;




I keep one in each vehicle and a couple around the house. I also gave one to Josh and one to his buddy to carry when they were working at the county detention center. I have not found a better flashlite at twice the price! I bought one of these with the remote switch to mount on one of my AR's;




At a recent night shoot we were engaging targets out about 75 yards and that light was lighting the targets up better than my buddy's $200 Surefire! He said he had just put new batteries in his. <dontknow>

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Here's something even cheaper!


We (the wife, me and the kids) were at Bass Pro right around Xmas and they had a 6-pack of Bass-Pro branded LED flashlights for $9.88 (batteries included). Bought one, gave the kids one each and painted the last one Krylon Khaki and mounted it on an extra scope ring.   <lmao>


I gotta get a pic when I get home.

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