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Tacticat's Cousin


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Jon beat me to the punch, I found this earlier and rushed over to post, and lo and behold....



TOO LATE!  <dontknow>


.... but it's cool.









































Better not go to sleep tonight Jon!  :bat:



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THAT'S MY BOY!!!!!!!! 






Hell, YEAH!!!  That's a TRUE DOG-FIGHTER right there!!!  Accept no bullschit, fuk some dogs up, and come back with a missing pad or two on your feet, limping a little the next day.


That dog was already put down already, by the way, already.  Already.  Decision done.  They saved that dog's ass by injection, rather than face the wrath of that Tacti-Cat Ass-Whoopin' Machine-From-Hell - direct clone of my boy, which was INCHES off his dog-ass and closing for the kill.  Euthanasia is the "preffered way out" for that field-beast, over the ass-beatin' he was gonna get from that cat. 


Hell Hath No Fury, Like A Pissed Off Tacti-Cat!!! 


I'm just sayin'...  :rant2: :cookoo: :gtfo2: :eek: :banana:

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