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WOOHOO!! Getting a gun from Mr. Robobot, but...


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not in the way you think. Someone broke in to my house and stole a Beretta 92FS among other things from me 5 or 6 years ago. I just today got a letter in the mail from Mr. Robobot's department informing me that they recovered it and want to return it to me.

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I had a hell of a time with it. I told police and they came out and took a report. Neighbors said the detectives came by a few days later when I wasn't home but that was pretty much it. I figured out who it was who stole it (neighbors watched it happen but thought he was a visiting friend) and that guy is serving 36 years for man slaughter as he supposedly killed someone while drunk driving or something like that. After several attempts to get through to the detectives, I eventually flagged down a cop and gave him my collected evidence. That was the last I heard until the guy got convicted of man slaughter.


 I have always been a little haunted by the though of someone using the gun in a crime but otherwise I just moved on after learning of the thieve's conviction.


 It is or at least was a peculiar Beretta. It had a rare gray Hogue 1 piece grip on it, black frame and stainless slide with orange and white details. I had a video of it on youtube for years and allot of people were swearing up and down that it was an airsoft gun.


 It was also the test prototype for my automatic slide release and had one in it. The magazine; which contained part of the features needed to make it work had it's component crack after 3000 uses (it was made to prove the concept, not last forever) and had been taken apart for repair when the gun was stolen, so the thief only got part of it. I am hoping and guessing the criminal/s who had it didn't even know it was there.

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Did you do the accents?


Yes. Everything on it that's not stock I did myself.


BTW. people often ask me how much my auto slide release design effects the size and handling of a gun. If you ever wonder and want a partial real-world answer, that gun had a working auto slide release in it when those pictures were taken.

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