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Full Auto by Accident


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Good Day to All


My Wife & I went to our Gun club Range to Celebrate our Anniversary 7/8/78 :auto:. We were making a lot of noise when Her AR15 FTF I stopped shooting My 308 to check on it. I put in a new magazine and it fired once and next pull of the trigger it let out a burst of 3 rounds. I opened it and could not see significant wear I put in another mag and tried again 1st pull of the trigger was another burst of three rounds tried one more mag another burst of three rounds. Some of the ammo were reloads and some were factory ammo.

Is it just worn parts in the trigger group or something more serious that I should be looking for? 


Any help or info would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance




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  I would not worry about talking about it , its an honest malfunction & they didn't witness it , so it didn't happen . <thumbsup>

 As already said , the first thing I would do is disassemble the FCG & see if you have or had a spent primer under the disconnector or trigger & if all clean , check disconnector function or have a Smith check it out & make sure they are familiar with AR's .As said also , the disconnector spring could be broke or weak . . 

  I have had both happen , spent primer in just the right place at the right time & had a disconnector go bad & same thing happened. 

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Oh Crap, he's hooked!  I dropped an SSA-E in the AR and it worked like a champ. Liked it so much I put one in the LR-308.  Welcome aboard, you'll learn so much from the guys on this site that you might even get the mistaken notion that they actually know what they are doing!

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I got in to the FCG & found little pieces of debris in it. I cleaned & lubed it all and reassembled.

Went to the Range on Friday all went well. Single shot with every pull of the Trigger.  


Thanks Again for all of the Replies and Greetings.


Here's a Pic of My 308 and it's companions. Left to Right. 2013 CMMG 308 MK3,2012 JK Mustang Raptor 5.56,1939 Remington model 31 16 gauge, 1928 Winchester model 90 22LR, 1912 Remington Model 14 .25Rem, 1911 Winchester model 1890 22WRF. Glock 17 Gen 3 9mm.


I know that there not all 308's but it's still fun to shoot them. 


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  • 3 weeks later...

When we went to the Range it did it again :auto:. I just ordered a two stage trigger set that rides on bronze bushings. I think She'll like it I know I will.

I really have to get this repaired. The Gun Club We belong to shares the Range with 2 PDs, County Sheriffs Office, State Park Officers, CHP and the local DEA Officers. It's unstaffed but the Sheriffs Office has video on the Firing line. I don't need to do this with Officers there and I don't want to get Arrested.  C:-)

Thanks Again to all who helped diagnose this Fun problem.


Edited by CMMG308
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