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I still want a crack at this mofo


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I wanna bust this kid's head in.  With zero remorse.






He got out of jail, somehow.  It's a fucking shame he didn't make it all the way to my place, thinking he had freedom.


I'd put this POS in a pit, and he'd put the lotion on his skin.  His pain would start after that.  The POS is in the right, in that pic above.  TJ Lane.











I want 15 minutes with this fucking punk.  Not a minute less, and it won't take a minute more.

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Boy Howdy would I like a piece of that scrawny punk motherfucker!! Just 10 min in a room alone... No weapons, no bullshits, just up close and personal!

A tub of water, hold his head under till the bubbles slow down repeat a couple times and do it till they stop..........

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Typical young punk-ass motherfucker. I'd proudly hold the bastard......as you taught him some manners.


This kinda shits.....the young "wanna be" tough pricks drive me insane. And we all see them every fuckin day of the week.


Drives me insane..........................The little Fu@ks!

And that is why I ALWAYS have a pistol on me.Just getting worse we these p u s s i e s.

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That a-hole shot some kids in a school not to far from my house several years back.  I remember the trial on the local news.  I could not believe he had the balls to wear a shirt with killer on it.  The poor parents of those kids.  I dont know how they could handle that kind of mental torture.  If I was one of the parents......Well I probably dont need to go into much detail.  I will leave it to the imagination.

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A tub of water, hold his head under till the bubbles slow down repeat a couple times and do it till they stop..........

I had a guy in school with little man syndrome he about 5 '5" me 6'2" he liked to bully me he thought he was a badass, well it all came to an end one day when I finally snapped and he got about the same treatment..... Never fucked with me again!!

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I'd gladly donate blood to keep him alive.........during torture.




I was just getting ready to post about his escape...and capture.


Seems like someone would've taken the initiative to shoot him with a couple of magazines, as he "reached for what I thought was a gun."


Yeah, it's too bad the cops found him so quickly. I'm sure someone was watching the news, preparing for him a nice place in his shed with all his landscaping tools. The cops didn't capture him. They rescued him.

 Anyone remember that episode of gun smoke where the sheriff captures that murder suspect the whole town wants dead and locks him in a hotel room and; when discovering the suspect's escape plan, throws him the keys telling him, "I don't trust you. I trust all those guns outside waithing for you."

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