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My HK stops insanity...then rut roh


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Well crap....at 7:30am I awoke thinking someone is trying to get in the house ...the whole home is shaking

WTF? rolled over grabbed the HK and went looking....as I got to the back I could see a piece of equipment in the alley over the fence....the sound was crazy loud and it felt like an earthquake. opened the back gate and it was a crew using a bucket to bust up the alley...not jackhammers or a concrete buster but the back of a bucket...my across the yard neighbor came outside,and the water from the across the alley pool was coming over the fence each time the stupid bucket was slamming the alley....soo I started yelling for them to stop .but still had the HK in my hand pointed down beside my leg....I told those fools to stop and get a supervisor and that they were causing damage to the pipes... everything I thought was okay for the time being....go inside put the HK back.and then going back outside to wait for the supervisor...im still in boxers no shirt with a bad case of bed hair...and then as I open the fence gate ..RUt Roh....2 policemen met me at the gate in the alley...crap it wasnt even 2 mins.. just the time it took to put up the gun and walk back outside. The substation is bout 300 yds from our home. So he asks whats going on? I tell him I thought someone was forcing entry into my home ,but then I saw what was going on..so im okay but they are gonna tear up the foundation and pipes and pools using the back of a bucket...wrong tool for the job.

He sez he's no construction guy so he doesn't know...I say I am a construction guy and thats the wrong way to tear the pavement up...they are gonna do damage..... $hit I hadnt even had my first cup of coffee and im going to jail...He goes to each worker while his backup stays with me...and asks them if I pointed the gun at them...my cheeks are pinched up real nice and tight now....comes over takes my name birthdate address while im telling him we are the couple that brings those wonderful brownies to your station once a month... he calls in code 6...have a good day and if you have leaks take it up with the city...still no supervisor,but no bucket slamming either

Whew !   C:-) <laughs>   Wash


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It was Char's brownies that saved my azz... the officer that was standing back smiled. didnt have the scary bag on my face,but I bet I was pretty ruff lookin to them in my camo boxer shorts and no top. I just went outback and the cable co was running lines from my hub....those fools knocked out  the cable line to about six homes,and my dilbert nextdoor neighbor in his suit was just standing there this morning trying to figure out how to get their attention over all that noise...guess he saw the HK cause he jumped back in his garage.

yeah Im grumpy in the am ,or maybe paranoid when I roll out thinkin the bad guys are trying to get in my home.  :) Wash

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Next thing you know, the sheet metal guy is going to start thinking he's construction too.

Better watch it there donut muncher I dabble in the tin banging from time to time also........I moved up the ladder tho now im a "service tech"

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The way stuff has been going lately, you are lucky swat didn't kick your door down and shoot some neighbors dogs.


No kidding...after the assault on central police headquarters here this last weekend...the officers have a right to be on edge...I thought Big D would be the last place for crap to happen....that nut job was no match for the swat's 50 cal...why does everything go down at the Jack in the Box?  <dontknow>  Char put me and the HK in " time out" when she got home  :) Wash

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WTF Wash, You know better than that! You need something a LOT bigger than that HK to take on a piece of heavy equipment! <lmao>


I'm thinkin' M72A2.


Had a situation when i lived in WA State.  Jake was 4 or 5, playing in the back yard.  I heard a loud and thunderous roar, a bunch of timber cracking, shook the hell out of the house.  Ran out back to yell at Jake, for whatever the hell it was he was doing... He's terrified, and running towards me.  And there's a dumptruck sitting in my yard.  Rolled off the road, down a small hill, and right in my yard, because the idiot motherfuckin' operator didn't set the parking brake when he jumped out.


The dumptruck operator was running down the hill, running for the truck, and I told him to get the fuk off my property  He refused, and was trying to start the truck.  I quickly retrieved Mr Mossberg, and once again reiterated that he was going to get the fuk off my property, right fucking now, and not touch that dumptruck in any way, shape or form.  Never once did I point it at him, but I wanted to buttstroke that as$hole right across the forehead. 


I called the police, informed them of what they did and what I did, and those a$sholes called their supervisor.  Believe it or not, the construction supervisor got there before the police did, and he made the mistake of walking straight on my property and telling me he was moving that truck.  He was escorted off my property by Mr Mossberg, also.  Without his fucking dumptruck.  He tried to tell me I couldn't stop him from taking it.  He very quickly understood that he was trespassing on private property, as was his dumptruck.


The police arrived and quickly calmed me down.  And relieved me of my shotgun. The cop made the mistake of asking me what I would have done if the dumptruck had hit my son, and i answered him honestly.  He didn't like my answer.


That contruction crew ended up paying me a $hitload of money for a huge pine tree, oak tree and apple tree that their truck destroyed.  They had to landscape the hell ouf the hill, to get those deepass dumptruck tracks out if it.  I still wanted to kick that dumptruck operators a$s, just because of his negligence.

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So Char baked up some of her brownies yesterday and we took over to the police station. the gal saw us from behind the window and buzzed open the door and came out. Char had a nice Fathers Day note with the brownies...So I started to tell her the story and she interrupts and sez are you the guy in the alley with the axe or the gun....I tell her the gun...she sez yeah I took that call and your'e home is behind us right?.....Damn there's a guy in my neighborhood running around with an axe?....thats nutz!   <lmao>   Wash

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  I have a good story about a guy with a Bat .  


  A friend of mine & I were on our way to the range to shoot & not sure what he did because he was driving or they knew him & didn't like him for something , no idea , but any way , this car whips around us & blocks or forward progress & these two guys get out of the car & one has a Bat , well I was just a couple of years out of the service & jumped out with my hand on my 45 in its shoulder holster ( up North , I had a Leather jacket on ) , I had it half out of the holster so the closest one with the Bat could plainly see it & that changed their whole plan because he yelled ,he's got a gun, to his driver buddy & they left faster then they pulled in front of us .

  We just stood there for a min. , wondering if the episode was over & went to the range laughing .


  Never bring a Bat to a Gun fight . <laughs>

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