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Extreme long range scope suggestions

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I would ask what are you going to be shooting at, and with?

If you are going to be shooting at someone that may be shooting back then I would go BIG and expensive both with the rifle,mounts and glass. Or if it is long range trophy big game. I would not spend as much for tools spend more on the trip.

If it is non-competition  paper punching I go kind of inexpensive,  And when I was working full time keeping food in my family of four rug rats a wife and myselves bellies and a roof over our heads and in order to keep shooting. I went bargain basement and did a lot of trading up.


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On May 23, 2017 at 6:59 PM, Robocop1051 said:

this is purpose built for targets of the "warm two-legged" variety. 

U goin' rogue on us Robo? 

I'm callin' BS on this. No way LE would take a shot at a perp from those distances. Not even 1000yds. Plus, at those higher magnifications your field of view is miniscule. Any movement of said perp would be near impossible to track. I think he's just tellin' the misses his new range toy is for work so she doesn't throw a fit! 

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2 hours ago, GRA said:

FYI ... Optics Planet is running a Memorial Day sale of 10% off through next week.  Lots of scopes appear to be featured but I think the discount is across the board.

Except for the primary arms one I want for my arak FML


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4 hours ago, Robocop1051 said:

No. I have a contract bid to a foreign (allied) military. 

Nothing LE here, and there are specific qualifications required. 

That was my first thought, honestly. My buddy can't find work and he's a trained military sniper. He's thinking of going that route. Be safe.

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