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New member from AZ


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Hi all,

 My name is John and I live in Peoria, AZ. A little background on myself- I've been shooting from a wee age; taught to shoot and hunt by my father and grandfather. My dad was on the Air Force academy rifle team while he was a cadet there and continued shooting competitively throughout my childhood in CA. He shot IMHSA and High power matches, and of course, drug me along. I began to shoot and compete in various disciplines through HS until I joined the Marines right after I graduated. After SOI (School of Infantry) in Camp Pendleton, I was stationed in Hawaii with 2nd Bn 3rd Marines as an 0351 Assaultman. I deployed to Afghanistan in 2005 and participated in a few combat operations to include Operation Red Wings. After we rotated back to HI, I took the Scout Sniper indoc, and out of 75 candidates, myself and 6 others made the cut. I deployed again with the STA platoon to Haditha in 2006 and extended my contract with the Marines to deploy to  Fallujah in 2007. I left active service and came back home to AZ, where I joined a local reserve bulk fuel unit (the closest infantry reserve units were in Albequerque and Reno) and served as a platoon sergeant for 3 years. During that time, I went to the Colorado School of Trades for gunsmithing and graduated in 2012. My first job out of school was building rifles for McMillan. I started doing action fitting and prep work and quickly was promoted to lathe operator. After working there for a year, I got a job at Robar doing custom pistol and rifle work. Robar fell on thin times, so I got a job at KE arms in Tempe, AZ building AR15s and AR10s. After awhile, I decided I would rather work for myself and started my own company, Six Day Ordnance. My original intent was to import Galil parts kits from Israel and build classic Galil SARs and ARMS, but due to the cost constraints of US made receivers, that dream never really came to fruition. So now I'm sitting on a mountain of parts kits if anybody wants one or 20 haha. Since I was stationed in HI, I have continued to shoot competitively in multiple disciplines. I have shot USPSA, IDPA, 3 gun, smallbore silhouette, Team skeet, olympic trap, sporting clays and now PRS and my new favorite, NRL22. I am currently going to school again (learning never stops) for Production technology and CNC programming/machining. I also do gunsmithing and machinework when I can get it. So there's my intro. I typically shy away from gun forums, mostly for the fact that have to sift through 200 pages of BS to find information worth knowing; but I have heard good things about this forum and wanted to give it a shot. If any of you ever have any technical or gunmsithing-related questions, I will certainly answer any questions that I can. If anybody needs barrel work, or even general gunsmithing, I would be glad to give any forum members a discount on my work. I'll see you all out at the range!

John Brooks

Six Day Ordnance


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