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So many things, so little time.


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Rifles are in process of completion now. Just hammering away at production right now. The machines are going 24/7 to keep up. The .338 should be ready for mass assembly shortly.

The .308 model and 5.56 models are coming shortly thereafter. Let's be honest, those are just generic calibers. My line up wouldn't be complete without a short 300Blk and a longer 6.5cr.

Jacob (@beachmaster) has me working on a project with him right now too. It's been very secretive, and I don't want to prematurely disclose anything on his behalf... but he inspired me to play around with some stuff on my own as well. It looks like Beachin Tactical and CROM might have a pretty sweet duo-project coming out soon. More to come (I'm literally headed to the shop now to get a run down on the progress) I'm really excited about this!

I recently got commissioned to develop a "California Legal" pistol PDW chassis for a one armed client. The current models toe the line with the California definition of an AW (despite what their advertisement says)... and they are ridiculously overpriced Chinese plastic! Lot's of people are in agreement that they don't want to be the first to test the AW laws. My new 6061 Aluminum and composite design should be lighter, more adaptable and be 50 State compliant

Last but not least, no one can deny the raging popularity of the new Ruger PC Carbine 9mm. I can't even get one from my distributor. It's basically a 10/22 Takedown, chambered in 9mm! We all know that the 10/22 is the only other firearm that is as customizable as the AR firearms. A few companies are getting on board early (like Taccom3G) with aftermarket parts. I had some ideas that I sketched out on the PC, and there seems to be in a little interest.The concepts are VERY rough, and not to scale. These are mostly just ideas jotted down before I forget about them. I plan on talking to Taccom3G about their aluminum PCC barrel design, or possibly making my own "TacSol style" barrel with a 6" to 8", over-sized, permanently attached, muzzle device.



As I keep expanding my projects, I start to look at other sales as well (of course). I'm not into it so much for a profit, but more so to pass on my HUGE savings. I have access to a LOT of products. One of the products I recently looked into was WISE EMERGENCY FOOD. Is there any interest in anything like this? Should I host periodic sales for products as they come around? I never know what is coming down the pipe. My wholesaler sends me "please move this" requests and hooks me up with major savings. I can provide those sales for you guys if there's interest. The caveat would be that I need enough sales to cover the shipping costs. It would probably only be 10 or 12 units, but if we want to keep prices low that's how it plays out.... You guys be the judge on this. I'm in it for you if you want it.

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44 minutes ago, Robocop1051 said:

. One of the products I recently looked into was WISE EMERGENCY FOOD. Is there any interest in anything like this?

I had a decently large stash of this.  The Previous-Previous Nutcase stole it all when she stole a bunch of other shiit, on her way out.  I do need to replace what's missing.  So, I'd be in on that.  :thumbup:

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1 hour ago, shepp said:

What’s the shelf life on somthing like that

These have a 25 year shelf life. That’s about par with most. The bonus with WISE is the giant storage container is extra protection, easily stackable, and can be used for water storage. 

The idea is, in the event of a emergency, you empty the containers and fill the with emergency water. Black containers store water longer than clear or white, because the don’t let light in (which grows bacteria/algae)

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2 hours ago, beachmaster said:

pprrroooojjjjeeeccctttttssss!!! haha I am in the process of fire selling everything I can throw overboard myself! Robo, I don't know how you can be doing so many things man! But I am beyond stoked!

Believe me... something better start paying off, or the wife is going to stick a 115gr lead suppository in me!

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Thanks buddy.  Please don't waste your time on it,  I thought you might be stocked.  In any event I'm standing by. 

 I'm curious to see your next big thing.  If it's the 911 cartridge I am aware of it.  I'm still trying to maneuver 5k from somewhere.  Santa is gone for the season,  Easter bunny,  nah all I see is colored eggs.  Birthday coming in August,  nah probably another flannel shirt.  I'm in Florida, I hope you appreciate the flannel and tropics combo. They hate me I'm telling you.  For me to spend 5k I'll need to come up with 10k.  Looks like I'm going to be busy for awhile.  Manuevers don't fall from the sky you know.  They need to be hatched and carefully observed.  10k I like the challenge.

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