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Electronic versus Manual combination safes.


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1 hour ago, unforgiven said:

What is the best bang for the buck safe ?

Good question. Liberty safes keep showing up as highly rated. Mesa’s are highly rated but pricey. I just ordered a Liberty safe from Tractor Supply, but refused delivery because of extensive damage it came with. To their credit, Tractor Supply immediately refunded my money.



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Interesting, as I've been looking at getting a gun safe for my daughter and her husband so I've been looking at this stuff recently. Liberty is a good bet, particularly the Centurion Series. I spent a lot of time with the salesman talking about the locks. I have a simple Sargent and Greenleaf combo lock on my Ft. Knox. Works just fine, no battery to run down. He said stay away from the Chinese-made safes, as they were really inferior, and very easy to break into. He also said avoid any locking mechanism with a "back up" key. They weren't very secure. Otherwise, quality mechanical or electronic locks are just a personal preference. Both are good. 

Good place to start:  www.gunsafes.com

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18 hours ago, 98Z5V said:

Dude, you need a fucking Arms Room...   not a safe...   :lmao:

That is on the list... Been measuring my "free space". I can't afford to give up living space right now. Perhaps a portion of my wife's enormous walk-in closet. Perhaps an add-on building in the back.

15 hours ago, edgecrusher said:

I have a Canon Armory 80 gun. It’s good enough for now...

I 'love this safe. Perfect size home safe.

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15 hours ago, Sisco said:

I have a Cannon manual combo I bought in 1995. Still my favorite safe.

Also, be sure you bolt them down into concrete. With a good dolly, I can move a 600 pound safe by myself. I have done it.

i assisted on an 800 lber. then boltetd it to the concrete for golf clubs! kinda broke my heart for golf clud storrage but its a strong ass safe!

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