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Sick Doggie


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My pup got into something and he was messed up yesterday.  Bought him to the Vet and they had him on IV and an anti-vomiting drug.  Got him home but he's off a little bit.  I'd rate him at 60-70% himself.  Called the Vet and was told to wait until morning.  If he's not better to bring him in.  He's a stand up renegade Jack Russel mix from Tennessee.  He holds his own in this house.  He is well mannered and fun seeking,  but if you try to tease him,  or touch his face the wrong way he puts on his snarly face and growls.  Anyway he's my bud and it's breaking my heart to see him this way.  I think I'm like most of us here,  we survived long enough to become gentlemen,  and like my dog,  only get wild when pushed the wrong way.  When love shows it's face in the form of a dog I find it irresistible.  If only he could tell me exactly what's what.  He may have a blockage.  He got into those bully sticks and had a party.  He puked on the way into then vet and took a good dump.  I hope there's no blockage and it'll pass.  Long time from now until morning.  The second picture is what you get when you offer him a command like " SIT"  yeah up yours.



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Hope he recovers a-ok.   Hard to see our little buddies suffering.   As we get older and get into the ibuprofen more it's a good caution to chase down everyone dropped one dropped on the floor because those will KO a dog.   My niece's elderly step-dad dropped one and their little dog got it.   Bad news!   

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We had a boxer that was throwing up over and over. We took her to the emergency vet because of course it was a weekend. They guessed blockage and gave us two options. Surgery for $2400 or $1200 to feed her something they could watch move through in a series of xrays over several hours. At which point if there was a blockage...$2400 for surgery. We gambled on the 1200 and there was no blockage. Never knew what it was. Spent a bunch of money...she got better on her own. That was probably 15 years ago. She was a great dog...hope we get another one like her someday.  

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Cobie took a dump.  No Blockage,  thank you lord.  He is still skitzed out and a bit fearful,  his ordeal was frightening to him as well.  Good news foe me and mine,  thanks to all for the support.  I won't forget,  I never do forget the help I receive.

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Two thoughts: 1. Our dogs got a virus last year that swept through most the dogs in the development. Pure blood diarrhea, and lots of it. But it passed in 36 hours. 2. Rat and rodent poison. If he is the type to swallow a dead mouse he found, there is usually enough warfarin in them to kill a small dog, or get them extremely sick. Just things to watch for.

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