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Researchin' and chucklin'


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I've enjoyed lots of the posts I've been reading and the respect and apparent lack of comprehension skills some folks have when they ask a question, then get straight stooped when you "esplain" it five different ways and they still don't get it I'll try not to fall into THAT category. ...New to the forum or wouldn't be here. Been burning powder since '63. Old Recondo dude, lots of AKs and other .308s, but have never owned a .308 AR. Thought about the whole .308 battle rifle semi platform since I've shot them all in some interesting places. But here in the US, I figure after buying one about the only thing I'll need will probably be components if I get back into reloading. It would be interesting to build one and maybe in the future it could happen. But for right now I'm just looking to buy one. Started buying PMAGS since that seems to be "standard" ( I'll try to refrain from using THAT word often). I looked at everything up to $2500. Due to a drunk driver, I will have money. That being said, even as a gun dealer I never bought a firearm over $800. Now I know I'll be spending more, but here's where I went. Like the idea of piston systems, but even tho somewhat "cleaner" they appear more finicky. Adams and POF were what I saw that seemed reliable (SIG fans don't stroke out). DPMS Oracle, Bushmaster XM, Windham Weaponry, Springfield Armory and Diamondback....Hmmm DPMS and Bushmaster got screwed by the holding company; Springfield doesn't have a long enough track record yet, DB seems ok by quite a few here on the site; haven't found a lot here on Windham yet. The Oracle seemed like the bulletproof pick even tho the company went down since so much of the industry goes off their specs. Liked what I saw from the long interview from POF owner, but once again, poop for that kind of money I could buy a used .308 and a ton of ammo...Just looking for more info and insight. I REALLY liked the DB .308 pistol, but Missouri's 300-400 yard shots still are in my head. I'm in Warner Robins, GA now and middle to southern Ga I can still see 300-700 yard shots so I think I'm tied to at least a 16" pipe. Give me some thoughts folks, I'm not a sensitive dude...98Z5V and you other "bringers of rain" gimme an intel dump, all you guys, the more the merrier. I know some of the issues of PSA, I also know the owners are trying to get more guns into Americans hands, although I agree they shouldn't be using us a beta-testers too, so let's not chew that poop sandwich right now. I will try to respond as soon as I can, but I work for the VA so you know I"m slo...make that meticulous...

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Hey there !

Dpms , Windham , Bushmaster are entry level guns and good enough for most people. 16" or 18" barrels will do the job 500+ yards. Piston are overkill and an adjustable gas block would be the only upgrade to a gas system gun needed.

168 gr ammo works best in our guns. Optics are a must, spent a few hundred but a thousand dollar scope is nice but not necessary. Lube the gun big-time on break-in (dripping) should be good after 100 rounds.

Good Luck ūüĎć

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See what I mean? Consistent advice!! Naw, all of this so far is great. Glad I've been buying random boxes of 168 grn Gold Medal Match. But i'll probably get at least a box of the 175s and some of the other premium stuff to see what groups best for when I get around to hand loading. I'm gonna miss being only a couple hours from the Sierra plant and Midway. Probably better for the 36 year marriage. What's the deal with companies coming out with dual extractors? Is that a problem I never heard of in ARs? And is a tungsten buffer a concern initially? See jtallen? I can spend money on a par with any Ranger, ask the wife...  

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Welcome to the forum from Texas.

Target Sports has PPU 175 gr match 308 for $16.99/20, less if you have a prime membership.


Aim Surplus has it for $14.95/20 or less with 10+ boxes.  They charge tax and more for shipping.  


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1 hour ago, Dragonscout said:

And is a tungsten buffer a concern initially

Tungsten adds the weight needed for the buffer to slow down the bolt's cycling so that it works properly.  Many people think a 308ar is overgassed when it is actually under-recoiled.  So yes, it is something you should be concerned with initially.

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Want some rain brought?  Build your own gun, from reputable retailers, and reputable manufacturers.  Build a gun on Aero M5 receivers, and go from there.  Nothing else that we've seen had been as consistent (in an overall platform that has ZERO CONSISTENCIES) - there is NO pattern to follow.  Aero Precision delivers, every single time, and they don't fuk it up.

Buy a gun?  If I had to buy a gun, I wouldn't buy a complete Aero Precision rifle.  Yeah, that hurts.  Truth, though - I'd buy an Armalite DEF-10 gun, and figure that thing out later, for what I wanted to do to it.  I'd "personalize" it later. It WILL work out of the box, every single time, with whatever ammo you throw at it.  You can pull a DEF-10 for about $1k, and it's got a solid recoil system already on it. It's got the properly-lengthed gas tube for the barrel, and it's got the properly-sized gas port IN that barrel... The only thing left ISN'T figuring out how to get it to run right - but the personal stuff that you want on it.

Now, for the record - I have 7 of these things.  I do not own a single Armalite AR-10 rifle.  Not one.  Not even.  The closest I can come is using all Armalite AR-10 internals (barrel, BCG complete, recoil system, gas system) to build into a set of Aero Precision M5 receivers - just to prove that Amralite AR-10 guts DO WORK in the Aero DPMS-based receivers. I will note this, though - of the 7 builds, 5 of them DO have Armalite AR-10 Carbine Recoil Systems, one has a DPMS LR-308 Rifle Recoil System (but the Armalite AR-10 EA1095 recoil spring in it), and only ONE has a hybrid system that I built up, just to test the AR15 recoil systems in .308ARs. My testament to Armalite AR-10 Carbine Recoil Systems runs deep, but with a purpose.  My testament to using Armalite AR-10 Recoil System components in whatever recoil system (rifle or carbine) has a reason. If you run either of those recoil systems, and your gun don't work...  it's NOT the recoil system that is the problem.  If the gun don't work - look at other problems with your gun - most likely the gas system.  

Adjustable gas blocks should not be something that you "need" to look at to get your gun to run.  If the answer to whether your gun runs or not is "gotta have an adjustable gas block" - then that is NOT the problem with your gun.

There's my $0.02.  :soap:

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