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Birthday build for wife, 6.5 Grendel 12"


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Wife has been saying she wants an AR. Wants something "not everybody has". Lined up some parts to build her something unique :-). 

Aero M4E1 lower (picking up today)

Aero M4E1 stripped upper (on order)

Aero 12" qunatum rail and BAR nut (on order).

Will use black rail and FDE furniture with FDE M-LOK rail cover type 2.

Thinking of using a KAW Valley linear comp to make sure muzzle is clear of 12" rail :-).

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On 10/5/2020 at 9:37 PM, shrade said:

Love the tailhook I have on my 223 pistol, what type of optics are you going to use?

I am really fond of the UTG sights 


And a Tasco TRS-25 co witness with them....using the large aperture as a ghost ring pretty much.

Got the tailhook ordered, ordered some ASC 15 rounds mags in FDE, ordered three of the LaRue MBT-2S triggers, ordered a Kaw Valley linear brake in FDE. So all the parts should be ordered, some are here. 

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19 hours ago, Albroswift said:

I've looked at these before, seem like good pricing,  have they held up over time?

Honestly I have had some of them about a year, but I just put them on, sight in, and leave them alone, my uses do not find me adjusting elevation for other ranges once sighted in. There are some avail that have a huge knob to tighten them down, the one pictured with the flat head screw is a lot nicer, personally I would never buy the one with the knob.




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Holosun is the company that makes all of the PA red dots, and they're good dots, no matter which model you get.  :thumbup:

I put one on my 45/70 right after I got it in 2015 - just to see how long it would take to kill that dot.  It's still there, and works just like it did out of the box.  That's probably the most violent-recoiling gun that I have. It's easier to shoot a Barrett M107 than it is to eat the recoil from that damn thing.

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